GRAB TICKETS HERE » Special Event – Grand Horizons Fund Raiser for The Lilly’s

Dearest Group,

5819c725-b8da-4403-bdfc-906ce4824468This past November I was grateful to Rita Kitt for giving me the opportunity to learn more about The Lilly’s, a group dedicated to ensuring more female voices and talents are heard and represented in the performing arts. So dazzled were we by their mission and the young artist (and recipient of Lilly scholarship funding) who spoke; we immediately began to consider ideas for raising funds for the organization via Grab Your Group and GO.

By we, I mean my old friend Cynthia Chapman and my new friend Terry Lindsay. Before we parted ways that evening, Cynthia, Terry, and I landed on just the right event in support of The Lilly’s.

Did you know that Second Stage Theater’s raison d’etre is to bring works by living American Playwrights to the stage? (I learned this from my new friend Terry who is co-Chair of the Board at 2nd Stage). I did not know this, but love this mission too. As we already had Grand Horizons, a play by a female Playwright, on our list of shows to see we thought, how about we target this show as our Lilly fundraising event? Terry reached out to the powers that be at Second Stage, Rita reached out to her peeps at The Lilly’s and a special evening in support of The Lilly’s by Second Stage Theater and Grab Your Group and GO was born. Ta da. Love it when a play plan comes together. 🙂

CLICK HERE for tickets and to make a donation.

Screen Shot 2019-12-14 at 3.47.15 PMYou may be wondering why this play was already on our list. Three reasons:
1. The playwright. I heard nothing but positive praise for the play Make Believe by Bess Wohl that came out this summer on the Second Stage Theater. I am still sorry I did not see it and side note congrats to Laura Pietropinto for your work on this play.
2. The cast. Jane Alexander and James Cromwell are among the names of the carefully cast ensemble.
3. The topic. Adult children coping and managing a pretty major life change that has been cast upon them by their aging parents. It sounds funny, wry, relatable, and like a perfectly satisfying evening on Broadway.

Our evening is on February 25th and the play is at 7pm. After the play, we will have a private talkback with some of the cast and creatives. This is followed by a reception where will hear words about The Lilly’s from Pulitzer Prize-winning author, super active Lilly’s Board member and 2nd Stage Board member, Lynn Nottage (she wrote Sweat, which I loved!). There will also be some sweet treats and festive libations. Mixing and mingling opportunities will abound. I hope you can be there.

Tickets are $180 of which $75 will go to The Lilly’s. If you click the link you will also have the opportunity to donate more should you wish. We are earmarking the funds raised to go towards the scholarship fund for artists to further their educational goals. CLICK HERE for tickets and to make a donation.

Cheers to you all. Thank you. We look forward to seeing many, many, many of you at this special event. If you’ve been waiting to attend the “just right” Grab Your Group and GO event, this might be the one.

See you at The Second Stage Theater,

Linda, Cynthia, Terry, Rita, Stacie, and Christine