Life Choices

As I navigate this path called life I am always looking for clues, patterns and ideas for life satisfaction (beside petting as many dogs as I can on one day). I have many thoughts on this matter, but will focus on one life lesson in this post. I had an epiphany during my exercise class this morning. Continue Reading

The other day at lunch my friend Diane was excited to announce, “Ooh Linda, I have to tell you a story. ¬†You inspired me!” ¬†Of course I was going to be happy to hear whatever she had to say, but sometimes that sentence is met with equal parts trepidation and hopeful curiosity on my part… ¬†Continue Reading

To commemorate the final year of my 5th decade, I dubbed 2017 as my year of yes. I made a very deliberate choice to spend the year being open to every opportunity that was presented. The goal was to commit to more, to experience more and get out of my comfort zone more. ¬†It was, by far, my richest and most rewarding year yet…Continue Reading

And… we’re back!¬† Took a bit of a blogging break to grab some time with my family and friends as we careened towards summer’s finish line. ¬†Now I am back in the city, that if you can’t be inspired here you can’t be inspired anywhere, and I am ready to get back to it. But before I do, I want to offer a few words about what I mean by group…Continue Reading