Grab Your Group & GO – in OHIO!

In July I learned that Rob McClure, the acting, voice impersonation and shape shifting genius that originated the ambitious role of Mrs. Doubtfire on Broadway was taking Mrs. Doubtfire, a show I think should have been long running on Broadway, ON A NATIONAL TOUR. Of course I had to Grab a Group & GO!

A Must GO: freestyle love supreme on Broadway

There are two things I take completely for granted, but are completely necessary for me when I write: time and quiet. The performers on stage at freestyle love supreme are afforded neither of these luxuries, but wow can these word geniuses pump out the language…

Grab Your Group & Be Colorful in Provincetown, MA

There are lots of adjectives one could land on to paint a picture of Provincetown: remote, raw, real, wild, fun, accepting, loose, indulgent, inspiring, open, artistic, picturesque, vivid, quirky, sweeping, entertaining, eye-popping, creative, gorgeous, quixotic, mercurial, engaging, alluring, relaxing, quiet, loud, salty, gray, blue, dog friendly, winsome, peaceful, and fiery are but a few. But if I had boil all those words into one it would most definitely be COLORFUL..

Grab your Group & Gather around The Pizza Truck… SO. MUCH. FUN!!!

I don’t remember when I first read about Rolling in Dough, the Pizza Truck that hails out of Greenport, NY, but when I did I distinctly recall thinking – some day we have to, Have To, HAVE TO DO THIS!  A self contained pizza party hosted out of a super cool 1943 Pizza Truck!?  Yes please…

A Grand Tour of Cleveland – Cracking through my Hometown Travel Rut

I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio.  I carry my midwestern roots proudly and am often asked by New Yorkers I meet: “You’re not from around here right?”  Fine by me.  I try to visit Cleveland when I can, which translates to about once or twice per year.  As time is limited during these visits my first priority is to see family, friends, and dogs of family friends.  What I have neglected to see during these visits is Cleveland and all that this city has to offer.  Well that changed this weekend…

Please add my name to the waitlist!

Space does open up! When it does it’s often at the last minute. Will keep our fingers crossed. Would love to see you at this experience!