Stacie’s Backstory

Hey There Group!

Way back in 2016 when GYGG was still the First Tuesday of the Month Theater Group, I, like many of you, was receiving Linda’s bubbly and joyful emails about the theater. Being mesmerized by all that I read, I strongly encouraged her to start a blog and I offered to help in any way that I could to take that effervescence to as many readers as possible. I believed then and still do today that regular doses of Linda happiness would make the world a better place. And she said yes! Linda said she had loads of content and needed help to get it delivered to a wider audience. At that, we got to work and the rest is history.

Since then we worked together to set up a website, publish blog content including show reflections and general musings, developed a marketplace for theater tickets and created a professional newsletter. Behind the scenes, we also honed in our mission: Create MORE opportunities for MORE people to connect MORE OFTEN through SHARED EXPERIENCES.

In that spirit, we are so excited to fill you in on what I have been working on over the past several months. Some of you may have noticed that the back end support that I’ve been providing Linda and Grab Your Group & GO! since inception has been moving to more of a front of house situation recently.

Two things happened to bring me out from behind the curtain. The first – I finally liberated myself from my full time corporate job. For many reasons, this is one of the best decisions I have ever made and I am beyond happy. The second reason is that Linda and I have realized that there is a larger opportunity to help more people connect more frequently beyond Broadway.

Just about two years ago when the pandemic was still very much an issue, Linda made a comment one night that she would like to start taking the group further than the Q could take us. Specifically, she wanted to do immersive weekends in other cities with whomever from the group would like to join. At that, my brain started working on all of the logistics needed to make that happen. A little time and research later, I thought maybe I should become a Travel Advisor to aid in these endeavors.

With more time and more research I figured out – HECK YEAH, I SHOULD BE A TRAVEL ADVISOR!!! I mean, what could be better than helping people maximize their precious vacation hours with awe inspiring, memory making shared experiences that allow for reconnecting with loved ones, themselves, their communities and the world. I took this excitement to Linda and we both had that A-HA moment. On a smaller stage, this is exactly what we’ve been doing with Grab Your Group & GO all along.

So in the Spring of 2022, I became a Travel Advisor with Gifted Travel Network, A Virtuoso Agency. I came back from training with my brain on fire with ideas for how to next level Grab Your Group & GO! And not just in the travel space. So Linda and I got to work again! Since then we upgraded the event purchase process, added new types of experiences to the GYGG agenda – hello Walk & Learns! And now we are adding opportunities to travel with your group or ours. And that’s just the beginning. Can’t wait to see where we are GOing next!

Here We GO!


Please add my name to the waitlist!

Space does open up! When it does it’s often at the last minute. Will keep our fingers crossed. Would love to see you at this experience!