Let's GO to Miraval Austin! As a GROUP! In April!

Join the Group & GO Your Way, April 16th - 19th

Visited the gorgeous Miraval in the Austin Hill Country in December to determine if a wellness trip would be a good fit for our group that has been assembled over the last nine years. My definitive answer is a cheerful and enthusiastic HELLS YES. (Click here to read more about my Miraval experience.)

Now having experienced Miraval I realize with CERTAINTY the best way for our group to roll is with as much FLEXIBILITY as possible. Pick and choose the activities you want to experience and GO! Maybe with the group, or maybe on your own. Whomever you meet along the way? A BONUS.

April in Austin should be ideal and include an abundance of spring flowers and temperatures that are supportive of lots of activities. Ie not too cold…not too hot. 

GO YOUR WAY with a GROUP at Miraval Austin!

Single Room Price: $988 per person/night   –   Double Room Price: $863 per person/night

A deposit of $175 payable to GYGG is required to secure your spot. (This will cover Miraval’s group fees and our service fees.)
Price includes the 25% Resort Fee. Taxes not included.

What's Included:
  • Deluxe accommodations that are the perfect retreat in between activities.
  • $175 nightly resort credit per person. FUN! These credits can be used for any number of fee-based activities, private sessions and spa treatments enabling you to really customize your experience. Sadly, they cannot be applied to retail purchases or alcohol. Resort credits are accrued nightly and rollover throughout your stay. A veritable experience shopping spree.
  • ALL meals & non-alcoholic beverages. This means of course breakfast, lunch and dinner – buffet or a la carte grazing over the expansive views. There is  also a cozy area off the dining room with a coffee bar and 24/7 access to health snacks. Chocolate avocado cookies anyone? YUM.
  • Shared round-trip transportation to/from Austin Bergstrom International Airport (Hourly pick ups)
  • Complimentary non-private programing from the experience schedule including: Wellbeing programs, lectures, fitness classes, hiking, Challenge Course activities, yoga and meditation. You could keep busy with these activities all on their own – AND sneak in a  massage or facial later in the day with your credit!!
  • Open access to Miraval Life in Balance Spa facilities and the Body Mindfulness Center Amenities – Sauna! Steam Room! A relaxation room with a variety of teas and infused water. Two pools thoughtfully located to enhance your sunset viewings
  • A welcome Miraval tote-bag and branded water bottle
  • Quality Time with friends old & new, Purpose Filled Experiences, Fun Photo Opps, and so many fun Miraval Memories!
What's NOT Included:
  • Any Fee Based Experiences
  • Spa Treatments
  • Alcohol
  • Airfare
  • Travel Insurance
  • Occupancy Tax (7.5%) and Texas Recovery Tax ($4.10/night)

Because of the power of group pricing your Miraval adventure with the group will cost less than if you go alone. WINNING.
(The numbers: you’ll save over $1000 on your the 3 night stay!)

How the Group will roll at Miraval!

I envision one or two OPTIONAL activities for the group each day – have my eye on beekeeping, line dancing, aerial yoga, an off site challenging hike, build your own picnic on the farm, and sound and mind bathing. The balance of our days at Miraval can be designed as conceived by you and/or you and your subset group. 

The breakfast and lunch buffets with some top notch and super healthy culinary options can be enjoyed on your own as well. Though I will probably land on a consistent breakfast time for those who want to join me. (This worked well in London and was the perfect way to launch each day). 

Each night there will be an OPTIONAL group dinner – with a speaker on one or maybe two of the nights – ideally Cassidy, my wine friend will be one of the guest speakers and host a wine tasting from their EXTENSIVE and IMPRESSIVE collection. Join the group every night – or the first and the last or not at all. 

This is not a corporate retreat – this is YOUR retreat. Connections and new friendships born along the way are a BONUS!

If you prefer to fly solo with the safety net of the group or just be there as a group within a group – you can do that too. We will have fun overlapping at activities and sharing enthusiasms as our paths inevitably cross as we crisscross about the property. Just like at the theater or in NYC!! 

IF you do in fact want IN on all things GROUP, then let’s GO! We can do that too – I will be present for each and every optional group activity so you for sure will know one person there. 

We want to Grab the Group & GO to Austin and we want each person in the group to know they get to GO in a way that works for them. 

Pretty perfect way to GO!! Right? RIGHT!! Let’s GO!

My question to you group is… Do you want to GO??

Love the idea of FLASH MOB swarming Miraval as everyone avails themselves of the myriad of Miraval Experiences that appeal to them. We can wave on the pathways as we make our way to our chosen activities – share some meals together  – and definitely log some time by the infinity pools at sunset. 

Grab your Miraval Robe and LET’S GO! Already excited by the many memories that will be made and the laughter and learning that is certain to transpire while we are there. 
Click the button to let us know if you are interested in joining our group at Miraval in a way that works for you….


There is SO MUCH TO DO at Miraval I have the distinct feeling we will need to GO back, so if you cannot make it for this one – we will GO WITH YOU another time. 

Away we GO!

Please add my name to the waitlist!

Space does open up! When it does it’s often at the last minute. Will keep our fingers crossed. Would love to see you at this experience!