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GYGG to the Theater

Welcome to the Grab Your Group and GO – to the Theater page! Our one stop portal for information on upcoming shows consolidated in one handy location. You can purchase tickets or review show times and pricing. This is a group that embraces a “more the merrier” mindset so ALL ARE WELCOME.

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If there is no ticket price listed below, we have closed our box office for that show. If you would still like to join the group, purchase a ticket from the official box office. Then drop us an email to let us know you are coming and we will include you in any pre/post show activities.

The 2019/2020 Theater Season


Freestyle, Love, Supreme – Thursday, November 21st @7pm

For the folks who missed the memo, the group is going to Freestyle, Love, Supreme. There are no group sales available for this show. Hop on to telecharge to grab your tickets and go. If you are joining on this night, drop me an email and I will include you in any pre or post show plans. If you can’t go with us, GO another night. To read more about why I think this click here.

The Wrong Man – Friday, November 22nd @8pm

After the fifth person regaled me with positive words about this show I sprinted home in a panic to reach out to the theater to secure a batch of tickets. I have since learned that this is a concept album that was turned into a musical (like Hadestown). The Wrong Man is played by Joshua Henry (we saw him and his powerful self strutting about in Carousel) and the play is directed by Thomas Kail (I have a high trust factor in this fellow who was the director of that little show you may have heard of: Hamilton). This is off-Broadway. It is a musical. The band is on stage. It is 90 minutes and done (love those).

The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical – Sunday, November 24th @1pm

Almost let this show pass us by, but my daughter saw it with a friend and she said it is a MUST for our group. This is a fantastic show for kids of all ages and for the adults that are a kid at heart. The music is catchy (in a good way), the show is full of positive messages and there’s mythology thrown in for good fun. Join me at this super fun family show with super family friendly rates!



Jagged Little Pill – Tuesday, December 3rd @7pm

Can you say LADIES Night? That’s what a team of ladies from Bronxville said when Jagged Little Pill quietly appear on our ticket roster. They snapped up their tickets pronto. Who better than Alanis to summarize why this show should be on your theater calendar: “I can’t even believe these songs have taken on a new life that has expanded what I even knew was possible.” She added that she loves orchestrator Tom Kitt’s versions of her tunes so much that she wishes she could incorporate them into her own concerts. Swoon and applause all around to masterful maestro and good man Tom Kitt.

Darren Brown: Secret – Sunday, December 8th @3pm

December brings with is some tough choices for a family show. Mentalist mind-blowing magic or a good old fashioned past, present, future tour with Scrooge on Broadway?  Decisions Decisions. We will be at both! Maybe you will be too?

A Christmas Carol – Sunday, December 15th @3pm

The Christmas Carol excursion will be our first annual Grab Your Group and Give BACK show where 100% of our Tiny Tim proceeds go to a good cause. Details to be determined, but we have some good ideas. Stay tuned.



Jagged Little Pill – Sunday, January 12th @3pm

That’s right, because I believe my teens are in need of a musification (stole that from Pitch Perfect) I have a second batch of tickets for this show. Bring your teen. Send your teen. Or hire a babysitter if your kids are too young and come get your Jagged Little Pill on with us.

David Byrne’s American Utopia – Saturday, January 11th @5:30pm

Part concert, part all things David Byrne celebration and a fun way to round out our 80’s into the 90’s music weekend love fest. My musician brother saw it and LOVED IT…!

West Side Story – Sunday, January 26th @2pm

Something’s coming. Something good! Join us at the reinvention of West Side Story while it is still in previews. This is one of the hottest tickets of the season, and we’ve got a whole bunch of them in the Front Mezz for this group.  Tickets are $195.

The 2020/2021 Theater Season

The Music Man

Saturday, September 19th @8pm – or – Sunday, November 15th @3pm

I know, you’re thinking why talking about a show that opens NEXT YEAR??? Because The Music Manstarring Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster will likely be the most sizzling hot ticket in town for the fall of 2020! If you wait until next year, the prices will be even more out of control than they are now. Hugh Jackman on stage, enough said, get your tickets now!



If you would like to purchase tickets for a show listed above that is not on the form, we have closed our box office for that show. If you would still like to join us, purchase a ticket from the official box office. Then drop us an email to let us know you are coming and you will be included in any pre/post show activities.


PROCESS: Tickets will be distributed in front of the theater approximately 15 minutes before the start of the show. A reminder will be sent during the week with any pre/post show plans.

FEES: We have built in a service fee that is included in the price of each ticket as organizing these events is not an insignificant allocation of time and resources. Though we do love most every minute of our time spent masterminding evenings at the theater. 🙂

REFUNDS: Please note ALL SALES ARE FINAL, but we understand that sometimes a change of plans is an inevitable fact of life. Should a situation arise with your purchased tickets we are here for you so please reach out. We have amassed a unique situation where it is possible that a buyer within this large group may be unearthed. Providing solutions and matching tickets to people is gratifying, but also time consuming. As such, WE WILL DEDUCT $20 per ticket if exchanges are confirmed.

You are of course welcome to sell your tickets on your own with no fee associated and let’s also remember the much unsung feature of broadway, the privilege of past dating. You can read about that policy HERE.

REMINDER: This group was created to ensure that we as a group are more regularly taking advantage of the myriad of live theater offerings available in this magical town many of us call home. We are proud that we’ve made it as easy as possible for all of us to experience live theater together on a more regular basis.

We are thrilled to have you be a part of this group. Thank you.