GYGG – to the Theater!

GYGG to the Theater

Welcome to Grab Your Group and GO – to the Theater!  We now have a one stop shopping/informational portal for all of our upcoming shows consolidated in one handy location.  You can sign up right here, review show starts, and pricing and stay “in the know” on all things theater.  This is a group that embraces a “more the merrier” mindset so ALL ARE WELCOME.  If you would like to receive emails about our upcoming shows as they are announced (and other theater tips and thoughts), sign up here!  If you would like to read past Newsletters, click here!

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Fall 2018 Line Up:


Bernhardt/Hamlet – Wednesday October 17th @7pm

This show was wildly well received by the critics. You can read the NY Times review here or my thoughts on the part of the show that I saw here. I am guessing that McTeer is a lock for the category of Best Actress in a play. If you haven’t seen it yet, Grab Your Group and GO.  It is a limited run and closing November 11th.

The Waverly Gallery – Wednesday October 24th @8pm

All star cast Elaine May, Joan Allen, and Michael Cera take on the challenging topic of Alzheimer’s. The show synopsis: A powerfully poignant and often hilarious play, The Waverly Gallery is about the final years of a generous, chatty, and feisty grandmother’s battle against Alzheimer’s disease. Gladys is an old-school lefty and social activist and longtime owner of a small art gallery in Greenwich Village. The play explores her fight to retain her independence and the subsequent effect of her decline on her family, especially her grandson. More than a memory play, The Waverly Gallery captures the humor and strength of a family in the face of crisis. Powerful and hilarious – works for me!

Our box office is closed.  If you would like to join us, buy a ticket from the theater! If you do, let me know and I will include you in any pre/post show plans! Or you can place your name on the wait list, I will turn to you if tickets become available (and they always do).


Gloria: A Life – Wednesday, November 7th @8pm

Thanks Laura McVeigh for the assist with this one. Part one of this play tells the life story of the remarkable, path paving, history making Gloria Steinem (played by her friend Christine Lahti). In the second part, the cast is joined by a guest (fingers crossed our guest will be Gloria herself) where they enlist audience participation to continue the conversation started in the first part. This simulates the talking circles that Gloria does as she travels the world to speak to people. If it is not Gloria who joins us that evening, I am assured it will be another notable woman of import.

Our box office is closed. But you can add your name to the waitlist or buy a ticket from the theater!  If you do, let me know and I will include you in any pre/post show plans!

Renascence – Friday, November 16th @7:30pm

This new production, as staged by the Transport Theater Group, got my attention from a friend – Hilary Blumenreich. She posted this chill inducing video clip of the song version of a poem by the same title as the show. That poem is the centerpiece of the story. One hour later I had almost the ENTIRE THEATER reserved for us for a fun Friday night downtown in November! Thanks to my friend, this special evening out will include lots of fun flourishes custom for our group including possibly POST SHOW COCKTAILS WITH THE CAST! Amazing!  Join us for what I hope is the first of many Grab Your Group and GO – EXCLUSIVES!  Tickets are $60

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Head Over Heels – Thursday, December 6th @7pm  

IMG_3830Let’s kick off December with the super fun, frothy and highly sing-alongable Head Over Heels. I saw this with Margaux in August and she is still talking about it. Must admit I was an unabashed Go-Go’s fan back in the day and this show re-ignited my inner Go-Go adoration. The show is at 7pm so we will conjure up some special festivities on the back end of the sho

Kids are welcome though keep in mind there are some “progressive” bits – however, Margaux seems no worse for wear from the experience. 🙂 To read what I had to say about this show in August, CLICK HERE.

Tickets are $60

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School of Rock – Sunday, December 16th @2pm

This show is closing January 20th and my group hasn’t seen it yet! I assume most of you have, so I reserved a smallish number of tickets. If you like us have not seen it – come rock out with us!  Tickets are $130

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Looking Ahead to 2019:


King Kong – Sunday, January 27th @3pm

No one was more surprised than me that King Kong captured my heart on stage.    Is it a perfect show? No. Is it an entertaining production? YES. I did spot polls in the audience and my rapture was not a singular experience, but universally shared by my audience mates. Let’s go see the big guy together!  I reserved a king size order of tickets so bring friends and family. To read more on my thoughts on Kong, click hereTickets are $130

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To Kill a Mockingbird – Sunday, February 10th @3pm

Calling all 7th and 8th grade families! Really looking forward to seeing one of my favorite books brought to life on stage. Note: If you have a 7th grade boy at Saint David’s he is going to see this play in May via school. So make your decision on how you want to roll with this show accordingly. I know at least one person who is going to leave her 7th grader at home and attend with her husband and 8th grader.

Our box office is closed.  If you would like to join us, buy a ticket from the theater! If you do, let me know and I will include you in any pre/post show plans! Or you can place your name on the wait list.  I will turn to you if tickets become available (and they always do).

SuperHero – Sunday, February 24th @3pm

This world premiere of the off-Broadway show is off the radar, so we will be among the first to see this soon to be hot, hot show. Just the first sentence in the description won me over: Before we can save the world, we have to save each other. So true and a terrific reminder for all of us! Age grading is a tricky thing, but 12 and up might be a good barometer for your family. Depends on your kid though! Your call. We are hoping to score a talkback with the supremely talented guy in charge of the music and the lyrics. Tickets are $75

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Be More Chill – Sunday, April 7th @3pm

IMG_8095As you may (or may not) have read here, a group and I got to see this recently Off Broadway. The show was wildly well received by the teens in the group and MOST (but not all) of the adults. It is a production that was brought back to life by it’s social media power wielding fans and it might just be the hottest ticket on Broadway this spring. The theater is being a little aggressive with their orchestra pricing and not offering discounts, hence the pricey cost of those seats.

We have 3 tiers of pricing – pick your squip and join us!

BMC Orchestra – $200

BMC Mezzanine 1 – $150

BMC Mezzanine 2 – $125


This group was created to ensure that we as a group are more regularly taking advantage of the myriad of live theater offerings available in this magical town many of us call home. We are proud and thrilled that we’ve made it as easy possible for all of us to experience live theater together on a more regular basis.   

Process: Once you click the form and enter your information, you have made a commitment to see your chosen show. Linda will circle back requesting payment at a later date. The preferred method of payment is quickly and via venmo or chasequickpay, but checks are fine too (for now). We prefer to not have to send reminders, but will happily send along one or two because we realize these types of emails can get lost in your in box and the timing of their arrival is very much a matter of the luck of the draw.  

We have built in service fees added to the price of each ticket as organizing these events is not an insignificant allocation of time and resources. Though we do love most every minute of our time spent masterminding evenings at the theater.  🙂

We are thrilled to have you be a part of this group. Thank you.