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Welcome to Grab Your Group and GO – to the Theater!  Our one stop informational portal for upcoming shows consolidated in one handy location.  You can sign up right here, review show starts, and pricing and stay “in the know” on all things theater.  This is a group that embraces a “more the merrier” mindset so ALL ARE WELCOME.  If you would like to receive emails about our upcoming shows as they are announced (and other theater tips and thoughts), sign up here!

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Burn/This – Tuesday, April 23rd @7pm

Plays that depend on chemistry are tough. Chemistry cannot be taught. Chemistry is chemistry. Let’s go see if Adam Driver and Keri Russell have chemistry. This article from the NY Times seems to indicate they do, but let’s go find out for ourselves. 

Our tickets are sold out, but you can purchase tickets from the theater or place your name on the waitlist. I will turn to you if tickets become available. 


Tootsie – Two Date Options!

This show was first launched in Chicago to rave reviews. Word is that the lead is a “lock” for the Best Actor in a musical and the show is a contender for best musical as well. Sounds like something we need to see and after all of the plays we have on deck a laugh out loud show with a “superb” score is exactly what this group needs. 

We are seeing Tootsie on Tuesday, May 7th @7:30 pm in the mid-mezzanine and on Thursday, May 16th @7:30 pm in the orchestra/front.  Our box office is closed, but the theater still has tickets available. Buy a ticket and join us! Let me know if you are coming and I will include you in pre/post show plans. Or add your name to the waitlist and I will turn to you  if tickets become available.

What the Constitution Means to Me – May 22nd @2pm

I deliberately made a choice not to read anything about this critic’s pick show knowing that it might tempt me to go. But when a friend forwarded the review and suggested I add it to the list – with some persuasive emojis (😘😀🙏🤞😍😉🍀) – I had no choice but to read the review.  I then immediately scrambled to find a date that would work to view this 80-minute long play. Said review that was sent to me is here. If, after reading this review, you want to join for this matinee too, click here. Tickets are $140. 

King Lear – Thursday, May 23rd @7pm

The play King Lear by William Shakespeare is considered one of his most triumphant works. The role of the king is one of the most coveted roles and has been played by Laurence Olivier, John Gielgud, Anthony Hopkins, and Ian McKellen to name a few male heavy hitters. The central challenge in casting this role, I have learned, is that it is difficult to find someone who is old enough to believably portray the character and still be able to muster up enough energy to properly play this demanding role. Enter female phenom Glenda Jackson who at age 82 is ready to reprise the role she played wickedly well in London 2 years ago at the tender age of 80.  Her super expressive face and sharp tongue were on full display and I have no doubt that both will be put to pitch perfect use as she connives, manipulates, and ultimately spirals out of control as King Lear. Glenda Jackson – in this role – needs to be seen. Join me!

Our tickets are sold out, but you can purchase tickets from the theater or place your name on the waitlist. I will turn to you if tickets become available. 


Oklahoma! – Pick Your Matinee!

Saturday, June 1st @2pm – or – Sunday, June 2nd @3pm

Oh What a Beautiful Morning – Oh What a Beautiful Day – I’ve got a beautiful feeling – Everything’s Going My Way

Join the group to hear these iconic and optimistic words belted out loud on stage at my favorite theater The Circle on the Square. Fresh off it’s SOLD OUT run at St. Ann’s Warehouse this sexy, simmering, and dark rendition of Oklahoma could be the musical theater ticket to grab of the season. While sticking closely to the classic and beloved score, it experiments with hoe downy staging and perhaps more hip gyrations than you might recall from prior interpretations.

I tried desperately and failed miserably to grab a ticket for this production in the fall and vowed to not make that mistake again when it came to Broadway. The Theater recommends ages 12 and up so keep that in mind when you are deciding for your family. For those with younger, younger kids grab a babysitter then flee the premises and join!

Our box office is closed, but the theater may still have tickets available. Buy a ticket and join us! Let us know if you are coming and we will include you in pre/post show activities.  Or click here to add your name to the waitlist.

Hadestown – June 6th @7pm  

Hadestown has been on my list for months now. With words like “your next theater obsession” and “visceral” in its marketing verbiage, it caught my early attention. I thought maybe September/October would make sense scheduling wise. Then a friend texted to say a friend of hers texted her DURING THE INTERMISSION of Hadestown with these words: BUY TIX NOW. That and the fact that the final sentence on the show’s marketing says “HADESTOWN  is a haunting and hopeful theatrical experience that grabs you and never lets go” (speaking my language!!) was enough for me to accelerate our viewing of this show to June 6th. This is the day of my daughter’s moving-up ceremony and my son’s last day of exams so I will be bringing my whole family as a celebratory event. On the website, it recommends 8 and up. My friend’s friend had teenagers in tow who LOVED it.

I grabbed whatever tickets I could for Orchestra and then a whole bunch up in the mezzanine (same price). Click here to come marvel at Hadestown with us. (mark in the notes if you feel strongly about being in the orchestra). Tickets are $150.



This group was created to ensure that we as a group are more regularly taking advantage of the myriad of live theater offerings available in this magical town many of us call home. We are proud and thrilled that we’ve made it as easy possible for all of us to experience live theater together on a more regular basis.   

Process: Once you click the form and enter your information, you have made a commitment to see your chosen show. Linda will circle back requesting payment at a later date. The preferred method of payment is quickly and via venmo or zelle, but checks are fine too (for now). We prefer to not have to send reminders, but will happily send along one or two because we realize these types of emails can get lost in your inbox and the timing of their arrival is very much a matter of the luck of the draw.  

We have built in a service fee that is included in the price of each ticket as organizing these events is not an insignificant allocation of time and resources. Though we do love most every minute of our time spent masterminding evenings at the theater.  🙂

We are thrilled to have you be a part of this group. Thank you.