NEW Experiences at Miraval Austin

Sometime in November I thought it would be a grand idea to pop a 2 night exploratory trip Miraval Austin onto my already rather crushed December calendar. I wasn’t sure if wellness vacations were my thing. Spoiler alert! I thoroughly enjoyed our brief time there and I’m Excited to GO BACK! This time with a GROUP!

Honoring the Heroes on Flight 93

A few months ago my son and I visited the Flight 93 National Memorial. It was a crisp bluebird day – similar to the weather on 9/11. Today on this 20th Anniversary of 9/11, it feels like the right time to share the experience with all of you…

Grab Your Group & Be Colorful in Provincetown, MA

There are lots of adjectives one could land on to paint a picture of Provincetown: remote, raw, real, wild, fun, accepting, loose, indulgent, inspiring, open, artistic, picturesque, vivid, quirky, sweeping, entertaining, eye-popping, creative, gorgeous, quixotic, mercurial, engaging, alluring, relaxing, quiet, loud, salty, gray, blue, dog friendly, winsome, peaceful, and fiery are but a few. But if I had boil all those words into one it would most definitely be COLORFUL..

Road Trip to Aspen – part II

My friend Jill’s travel to Aspen continues…  Here she provides some helpful tips for a multi-tasking traverse across the country – ticking off miles while savoring mini-adventures along the way.  As most trips should be, this one was as much about the journey as it was about the destination

Grab Your Group & Road Trip! (part I)

Excited to share my friend Jill’s first Grab Your Group and GO guest post.  Jill has been part of my go-to group for 15 years.  She said yes in the early stages of our friendship to the question, “Anyone want to join us in Costa Rica?”, and we’ve been traveling together ever since. I loved following her road tripping travels on FB this past July so much that we invited her to share her experience here. Share away Jill!

Cedar Lakes Estate: Grab Your Group & GO!

Last weekend my husband and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary with a trip to Cedar Lakes Estates, a rustic romantic retreat in the Hudson River Valley. I had been casting about for what had been concocted in my mind as the ideal getaway. My criteria included: under 2 hours of drive time from NYC, a freestanding unit with a beautiful view, a heady dose of nature, and a fun vibe.  Cedar Lakes Estate checked every box on my list and then some. One day, I’d love to go back with a larger group. Read on to find out why…

A Grand Tour of Cleveland – Cracking through my Hometown Travel Rut

I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio.  I carry my midwestern roots proudly and am often asked by New Yorkers I meet: “You’re not from around here right?”  Fine by me.  I try to visit Cleveland when I can, which translates to about once or twice per year.  As time is limited during these visits my first priority is to see family, friends, and dogs of family friends.  What I have neglected to see during these visits is Cleveland and all that this city has to offer.  Well that changed this weekend…

Kicking off Summer the Sweetest Way Possible… Hershey Park

If the author of this NY Times travel article had joined our little troupe of travelers, he would have been on Team Tame Rides. If you are planning a trip to Hershey, PA, his article is a must read. Below I have cobbled together some suggestions for going to Hershey Park with your group…

Grab Your Group & GO to Austin: A Conversing and Connecting Guide

Eight of my closest friends from high school chose Austin, Texas as our destination to celebrate our 5oth birthdays. We chose Austin because it was in a central location, with warmish weather, and a relaxed vibe (turning 50 can be nerve wracking). It was an excellent choice…

GO ACTIVE in Yellowstone & the Grand Tetons with Backroads!

Backroads, the “active” travel company, has been on my radar for a couple of decades. I remember my friend Leslie coming back from her Backroad’s trips. She returned: positively glowing, more fit then usual and energized from the experience. A memory like that stays with you…

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