Final Thoughts on Africa… plus consolidated trip information

Five years ago, we made a list of must see as a family destinations.  Africa was at the top of the list, but we had to wait for the kids to grow up a bit to make the trip.  Before I get down to the business of summer, I wanted to close the loop on our journey…

Mkombe’s House Lamai – Our Little House on a Hill in the Serengeti

This trip was never about the lodging.  It was about proximity to animals.  We requested smaller camps with more personal service that blended into the landscape such that the land was the star of the show.  Where we laid our heads to sleep at night, rightfully played second fiddle to the surroundings, until we arrived at M’Kombe House…

?Houses with Soft Walls in Africa

Over dinner on the third night of our trip, we spent some time trying to conjure up the right words to aptly describe our accommodations while on safari…

Jambo from Africa

Jambo means Hello in Swahili.  Sharing a few pics from our trip.  Can’t wait to tell you more about it later this week!  Stay tuned…

If We Could Talk to the Animals

I wrote this on the way to Africa, in anticipation of what was to come. Sharing it with you now with some photos of the wonderful, glorious, amazing animals we have seen so far…

Bon Voyage – Off to Africa

Grabbing my group and heading to Africa, Tanzania to be exact.  Blog posts may be a little sporadic while we are out on safari, but stay tuned! 

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