Grab Your Group and Be Colorful in Provincetown, MA

There are lots of adjectives one could land on to paint a picture of Provincetown: remote, raw, real, wild, fun, accepting, loose, indulgent, inspiring, open, artistic, picturesque, vivid, quirky, sweeping, entertaining, eye-popping, creative, gorgeous, quixotic, mercurial, engaging, alluring, relaxing, quiet, loud, salty, gray, blue, dog friendly, winsome, peaceful, and fiery are but a few. But if I had boil all those words into one it would most definitely be COLORFUL..

Vanessa’s Venetian Guide – Grab Your Group and Go

Okay… I had a boss that often used to say “sometimes it is better to be lucky than good.” Well, boy did I get lucky with these words my brilliant friend Vanessa shared with me regarding our very limited time in Venice. This is some good stuff – entertaining reading filled with historic tidbits and a guide that includes snacks at almost every turn…

Road Trip to Aspen – part II

My friend Jill’s travel to Aspen continues…  Here she provides some helpful tips for a multi-tasking traverse across the country – ticking off miles while savoring mini-adventures along the way.  As most trips should be, this one was as much about the journey as it was about the destination

Grab Your Group and Road Trip! (part I)

Excited to share my friend Jill’s first Grab Your Group and GO guest post.  Jill has been part of my go-to group for 15 years.  She said yes in the early stages of our friendship to the question, “Anyone want to join us in Costa Rica?”, and we’ve been traveling together ever since. I loved following her road tripping travels on FB this past July so much that we invited her to share her experience here. Share away Jill!

The Classic Travel Quandary: Checklist in Lisbon? or Linger by the Sea?

On our recent trip to Portugal we chose to stay in the lovely seaside town of Cascais, 40 minutes outside of Lisbon.  We had a pretty swish HomeAway overlooking the hills and sea of our quaint fishing town.  My favorite part of the home was that we could depart on foot and hike for hours in the hills in front of our house exploring the various trails that criss crossed the cliffs. BUT, we were in Portugal and you can’t go to Portugal without seeing Lisbon, right?

Learning to Follow, By Leading

If I had a plane ticket for every time someone said, “Thanks so much for organizing!” I would be forever on a plane.  My family, my friends and some perfect strangers are more than happy to let me assume this role and I am grateful for their trust and subsequent gratitude.  It is from these experiences of leading, coordinating, masterminding and organizing that I have learned to be a better, maybe even an expert, follower.  And following can be a whole lot of fun…

Grab your Group and Go to Porto… Aim for June 23rd!

On our three hour tour of Porto we learned many things, among them that Porto, the second largest city in Portugal and one of the oldest cities in Europe, has only become a viable tourist area in the last 6 to 8 years.  When Ryan Air added Porto as one it’s mainstream stops, access to the city grew.  Poof, a tourist destination was born…

Grab Your Group at Sunrise and Run through Kyoto

Kyoto is rightfully a full fledged tourist attraction. Throngs and throngs of people from all over the world flock to this gracious and beautiful city to visit it’s many temples and shrines. Our approach to Kyoto was more experiential…

A Traveler’s Take on 15 Things to Grab your Group and Do in Tokyo

Tackling your Tokyo itinerary can be a daunting task. I made lists and lists and more lists. All that list making and we still only did a cursory tour of this remarkable city. So without overwhelming you with the why’s I give you our master list. May it be a useful springboard as you plan your time in Tokyo…