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And… we’re back!  Took a bit of a blogging break to grab some time with my family and friends as we careened towards summer’s finish line.  Now I am back in the city, that if you can’t be inspired here you can’t be inspired anywhere, and I am ready to get back to it. But before I do, I want to offer a few words about what I mean by group…Continue Reading

This post is by my friend and Grab Your Group and Go co-pilot Stacie. She may love dogs more than me. Nah that’s impossible… correction… She loves dogs AS MUCH as I do. Her family suffered a big loss this year, having to put own both of their labs within 4 months of each other. Keep reading to hear about her experience and what they are doing to move forward…Continue Reading

I live in NYC. Like many, however I was turning my back on one of the best reason to live here: easy access to amazing live theater. Realizing my love of the theater was not concomitant with my attendance I decided to make a change. Thus introducing: the First Tuesday of the Month Theater Group to a wide swath of friends and acquaintances… Continue Reading