What I Learned about HAPPINESS at Harvard Business School

Ooh scary and risky even… How to condense two hour long talks from Harvard professors that distilled years of work, research and experience on the topic of living a fulfilled, healthy, and happy life? You’ll have to read this post to find out…

HBS: Happiness Business School

Over the weekend I was my husband’s plus one at his Business School reunion. I was lured into attending with the promise of interesting and informative seminars. I was dubious, but figured a weekend away is always a good idea. I was very happily surprised…

Our Experience with Whiskey

One of my guiding life principles is to collect experiences over things. That is what this group is about and is a central ethic of our parenting style. Covid makes experience collecting a challenge which is exactly why I said YES when asked if we wanted to foster Whiskey, a Boston Terrier who was in need of a temporary home…

For 2022 More VIM, Less Grim Please!

This is my stance on the last two years and my hopes for all of us in 2022. For this family, 2021 had a grim start and has had a grim ending. I would really like to be done with grim. For 2022 how about we have less grim and more VIM? 

Livin’ it UP on TOP!

Over the summer a good friend of a good friend of mine asked me if our New Year’s Day car accident changed the way I live my life. The question, over a cocktail, kinda stopped me in my tracks. I jumbled my reply with some trite and unoriginal answer. Sorry Tracy! Here’s my real answer…

Hi, How Are You Doing?

Welcome Back from Summer! I hope you savored every second of fun with friends, family, and grabbed some quiet and introspective times for yourself. Hope you enjoy this quick post about a recent proud Mom moment…

A New York State of Mind

For those of us who live in NYC, the city IS the star of all of our shows. We are all the supporting actors. I for one look forward to being back in the city soon in support of it and all it has to offer. Who is ready to support Broadway with me?

Going Back to Broadway…Collective Effervescence Personified

On the evening of August 4th, 2021 at 8pm Stacie (my GYGG partner in chief) and I had the good fortune to GO back to BROADWAY. Doors that had been shuttered for some 500 days were flung wide open at the August Wilson Theater to welcome us and our fellow giddy audience members back to the theater in the form of a play called Pass Over….

Collective Effervescence

What a winsome aphorism! So many syllables, fun to say, and a trifle tricky to spell. What pops into your brain when you envision this term?

Grab Your Group & GO for a WALK

About a year and a half ago I started regular Walk and Talks with my theater group. The goal was to offer more opportunities for people to connect outside of the 5 to 10 minute quick snippet visits that would take place at our currently disbanded theater outings. I also wanted to prove to non-believers that yes there are quite a few waterfalls in Central Park….

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