Grab Your Group & GO – in OHIO!

In July I learned that Rob McClure, the acting, voice impersonation and shape shifting genius that originated the ambitious role of Mrs. Doubtfire on Broadway was taking Mrs. Doubtfire, a show I think should have been long running on Broadway, ON A NATIONAL TOUR. After some quick research yielded this tour included my hometown of Cleveland, made a note to reach out to Playhouse Square in August to what else? Bring a group!

NEW Experiences at Miraval Austin

Sometime in November I thought it would be a grand idea to pop a 2 night exploratory trip Miraval Austin onto my already rather crushed December calendar. I wasn’t sure if wellness vacations were my thing. Spoiler alert! I thoroughly enjoyed our brief time there and I’m Excited to GO BACK! This time with a GROUP!

Partially Vacated Nesters

Given our current life stage with two kids off to college at the same time there are two words I am hearing uttered on an hourly basis this summer and they are: Empty Nest. These words are so regularly employed I felt that some time was merited to research just how we as a society have landed so firmly on this term.

Words of Advice for a Lifetime of Experiences

Back in February Don and I had the DISTINCT honor of being asked to speak at the Wedding Celebration for my niece Abigail and her husband Jake. Many have asked for a copy of the words, so here they are…

The Power of Shared Experiences – with Backroads in Mallorca

I think we’ve made it fairly clear that Grab Your Group & GO is dedicated to celebrating and embracing the power of connecting through shared experiences. Fresh back from a bike trip through Mallorca with Backroads: The Active Travel Company, I can say that this form of travel is the ultimate expression of sharing experiences…

The Upside of Vulnerability

Here’s me still mulling over happiness. I must confess that it never occurred to me that this Grab Your Group & GO operation was a complete and total exercise in vulnerability…

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