Be More Chill is HOT!

I am an unapologetic fan of social media.  I know it comes laden with some caustic social downsides, but it is a powerful tool.  A medium so powerful in fact, it can breathe a minor player of a musical back into existence with every tag, share, stream, and post.  Such is the story behind Be More Chill…

Want a good laugh? Then GO SEE Gettin’ the Band Back Together

Does growing up mean you have to stop doing the things that make you happy?  Are there no happy moments to be found while “adult-ing”?  Everyone remembers the things they loved to do when they were young, had no real responsibilities and lots of time to pursue whatever floated their boats, right?  But are those pursuits able to translate into a career?  What are the sacrifices one should and shouldn’t have to make when becoming an adult?  These questions are at the heart of the show Gettin’ the Band Back Together.

Grab your Group and GO-GO to Head over Heels on Broadway!

A musical featuring music from an all girl 80’s rock band, set in 16th Century Ancient Arcadia, exploring age old sexual, gender, appearance, power, and identity issues from multiple perspectives via a love hectagon using carefully and beautifully articulated prose all in one kicky, winsome, bold, intelligent, clever, topical and frothy fun show… I give you Head over Heels on Broadway…

Broadway State of Mind

Last night over dinner, before the Tony’s (my Super Bowl),  my husband made a casual, but valid, query.  He wondered out loud why this awards show receives prime time coverage when the Broadway audience is on the narrow side.  I cocked my head a bit and gave some garbled answer as to the importance of bringing the theatrical arts into the living rooms of America, but I was off the mark, way off the mark, with my answer….

Grab Your Group and GO vs. Grab Your Group and WAIT

The group on stage at the Iceman Cometh led me to contemplate what it means when I say “Grab Your Group and GO”. The characters in this Eugene O’Neill play represent the antithesis of grabbing your group and going. This is a group that gathers and stays and waits…