GO Experience SUFFS on Broadway!

If you ever needed further motivation to exercise your right to vote or to inspire your younger’s view on his/her right to vote AND the power of individuals to assert change, I suggest you make it a point to experience Suffs on Broadway now.

GO SEE Lempicka on Broadway!

Whoa whoa whoa! I am here to let you know you should seriously drop what you are doing and GO GRAB YOUR ticket to SEE Lempicka on Broadway!

Grab Your Group & GO SEE Paradise Square!

I totally get why the Tony voters lavished Paradise Square with all sorts of voting love. We had a small, but committed frequent flyer group to see it last week and what a great experience it was…

Space Dogs – Grab Your Group & GO!

If you were to walk a single city block with me you would quickly observe (and perhaps be slightly annoyed) by my avid (rabid?) appreciation for the creatures on this earth that we call canines. Which is why when on the quest for off-Broadway offerings I dropped everything I was doing to get the group to Space Dogs…

New York City – So Absolutely Not Dead

I wonder what all of those people who wrote all of those doom and gloom articles and posts about New York City being dead are doing these days? Writing retractions? Finding some other negativity to spew into the world? Who, in their right mind, would bet against this town that is home to the scrappiest, most resourceful, and creative individuals that can be amassed in one place?

Clyde’s & SIX on Broadway NOW – GO!

This past week we crept back, getting close to hitting our pre-pandemic numbers for theater attendance. As an exercise in collective effervescence the more people that are in the group for our audiences the higher the energy and the more rewarding the experience. This is a good and lovely thing and nothing makes me happier than energy bouncing around on the sidewalk as we prepare to enter the theater.

A Tale of Two Tinas

The role of Tina Turner, in the musical of the same name, has to be all kinds of grueling – a massive commitment at each and every performance. The energy burn is off the charts and the vocal range and explosiveness of the voice that needs to be employed to pull this performance off is otherworldly. Which is why, I have since learned, that they have cast two Tinas to play the part…

Truth & Beauty on Stage at Jagged Little Pill on Broadway

Jagged Little Pill tackles ugly beautifully. I saw this show for the second time on Sunday with a group of 50, many in the 14/15 year old range. When there are kids and their parents in the mix, I am hyper aware of the content that is that is being covered. And Jagged Little Pill covers a lot of dark, ugly and challenging content…

A Must GO: freestyle love supreme on Broadway

There are two things I take completely for granted, but are completely necessary for me when I write: time and quiet. The performers on stage at freestyle love supreme are afforded neither of these luxuries, but wow can these word geniuses pump out the language…

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