GO Experience SUFFS on Broadway!

If you ever needed further motivation to exercise your right to vote or to inspire your younger’s view on his/her right to vote AND the power of individuals to assert change, I suggest you make it a point to experience Suffs on Broadway now.

GO SEE Lempicka on Broadway!

Whoa whoa whoa! I am here to let you know you should seriously drop what you are doing and GO GRAB YOUR ticket to SEE Lempicka on Broadway!

Grab Your Group & GO – in OHIO!

In July I learned that Rob McClure, the acting, voice impersonation and shape shifting genius that originated the ambitious role of Mrs. Doubtfire on Broadway was taking Mrs. Doubtfire, a show I think should have been long running on Broadway, ON A NATIONAL TOUR. Of course I had to Grab a Group & GO!

Oui, Oui, Titanique @ The Asylum! GO!

Last week I busted downtown with a dedicated group of multi generational theater fans where we ended up LOL’ing – to the point of tears – our way through Titanique in the teeny dank and dark tiny basement theater of The Asylum…

One of My Favorite Things: soft at the MCC Theater

When it comes to this theater group, I have so many favorite things. Most of my favorite things have to do with people interaction and the show going experiences, but the exercise of picking a show is also one of my favorite things. I really love unearthing and selecting shows that the group might not otherwise see or hear about, like soft @ the MCC…

Hamlet: A Most Definite TO BE Experience

The second Robert Icke’s modern, shiny, and multi sensory interpretation of Hamlet began I was enthralled and swept into the show from the very first minute to the last…

Grab Your Group & GO SEE Paradise Square!

I totally get why the Tony voters lavished Paradise Square with all sorts of voting love. We had a small, but committed frequent flyer group to see it last week and what a great experience it was…

Space Dogs – Grab Your Group & GO!

If you were to walk a single city block with me you would quickly observe (and perhaps be slightly annoyed) by my avid (rabid?) appreciation for the creatures on this earth that we call canines. Which is why when on the quest for off-Broadway offerings I dropped everything I was doing to get the group to Space Dogs…

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