Last night our small but lovely group hunkered down to bear witness to three women quite inexplicably orbiting around an opinionated, nay-saying, self-confessed dim and decaying sun in the form of a 50-year-old flailing divorced man in the play by Tracy Letts: Linda Vista….Continue Reading

Summer Reading.  Kind of funny the double connotation this phrase has in our home (and possibly yours?).  For my kids… summer reading!?  UGH. (Though they did end up enjoying their school’s choices – phew).  For me…  summer reading!?!  YAY bring it on!  I love summer reading… Continue Reading

My foray down the electronic book path was short lived.  I missed pages – turning them, carrying them, reading them – but what I really missed was owning the physical version of  something that I loved and subsequently gifting that treasure to a friend who I knew would appreciate it (more on this shortly).  Apparently, I am in the minority on this stance…Continue Reading