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When I go to the theater I am always prepared to fall in love with the show. I am an easy mark – eyes wide and heart open ready to be smitten by a stand out solo or an eye catching and ear pleasing song and dance number. Such is the case when I sat in my seat for my date last night with Natasha, Pierre and The Great Comet of 1812…Continue Reading

A group of 15 or so of us gathered in the audience last night to see The Cherry Orchard. We partly gathered to see Chekhov, but mostly gathered to see Diane Lane. The show is still in previews and opens officially on October 16th. I get that in previews there can be some fine tuning and fixing to get the performance broadway ready, but I am afraid that what we saw is what you are going to get and I don’t think you want it…Continue Reading

A crappy duplex basement apartment in Chinatown with a curious lightbulb situation. Ninety minutes of almost every possible human trial and tribulation (seriously so many – check it out – I made a list below) packed into one Thanksgiving dinner served on paper plates. A family of four glued together with the power of unconditional love…Continue Reading