GO Experience SUFFS on Broadway!

If you ever needed further motivation to exercise your right to vote or to inspire your younger’s view on his/her right to vote AND the power of individuals to assert change, I suggest you make it a point to experience Suffs on Broadway now.

Opportunities ABOUND in YES!

In 2025, we will be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Grab Your Group & GO. It was in January of 2015 that the first email went out to our OG of 40 women encouraging them to join me at the theater on the first Tuesday of every month. One Broadway show. Once a month. Oh my how we have grown.

GO SEE Lempicka on Broadway!

Whoa whoa whoa! I am here to let you know you should seriously drop what you are doing and GO GRAB YOUR ticket to SEE Lempicka on Broadway!

Grab Your Group & GO – in OHIO!

In July I learned that Rob McClure, the acting, voice impersonation and shape shifting genius that originated the ambitious role of Mrs. Doubtfire on Broadway was taking Mrs. Doubtfire, a show I think should have been long running on Broadway, ON A NATIONAL TOUR. Of course I had to Grab a Group & GO!

NEW Experiences at Miraval Austin

Sometime in November I thought it would be a grand idea to pop a 2 night exploratory trip Miraval Austin onto my already rather crushed December calendar. I wasn’t sure if wellness vacations were my thing. Spoiler alert! I thoroughly enjoyed our brief time there and I’m Excited to GO BACK! This time with a GROUP!

Partially Vacated Nesters

Given our current life stage with two kids off to college at the same time there are two words I am hearing uttered on an hourly basis this summer and they are: Empty Nest. These words are so regularly employed I felt that some time was merited to research just how we as a society have landed so firmly on this term.

Words of Advice for a Lifetime of Experiences

Back in February Don and I had the DISTINCT honor of being asked to speak at the Wedding Celebration for my niece Abigail and her husband Jake. Many have asked for a copy of the words, so here they are…

Experience Val d’Isère – From the TOP!

Our family has long subscribed to the travel theory that if a place is semi difficult to reach it is WELL worth the effort. This travel ethic or perhaps habit? is why we pounced at the opportunity to reside in the super luxe Refuge de Solaise on top of a mountain above the tres chic ski village of Val d’Isere, France over the kid’s FINAL High School spring break…

Please add my name to the waitlist!

Space does open up! When it does it’s often at the last minute. Will keep our fingers crossed. Would love to see you at this experience!