About Us

Experience MORE when you GO with a GROUP!

At Grab Your Group & GO!, we specialize in designing fun-filled, perspective-expanding shared experiences. Whether you are traveling to Boston, Broadway or Botswana, we create opportunities for you and your group (or you and our group) to connect and explore together. We carefully curate shows, events, excursions and destinations that amplify lives and cultivate connections. We strive to move beyond the day to day and live life just a bit out of bounds – because really that’s where the magic happens.

Grab Your Group & GO! was founded in 2015 with the goal of inspiring more New Yorkers to immerse themselves in more of what New York City had to offer more often. Since then, we have grown into a full service boutique travel & experience company. We enhance your experience by making it effortless. We simplify the event ticket purchase, so all you have to do is show up for a night at the theater or an immersive tour around town with our group. You’ll engage with old friends, form new friendships and all of the planning is done for you.

We simplify the travel experience in the same way. Join the group for one of our fully masterminded effortless expeditions or work with us to custom craft the vacation experience of your dreams for your group. Either way, we manage the details so that you can fully immerse yourself in shared magical moments and exceptional experiences in destinations around the globe. You will return home Reinvigorated, Refreshed and Reconnected, with memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Meet Our Team

Linda Taft MacKinnon - Founder & Chief Inspiration Officer

Life philosophy: figure out what you love to do and do more of that with all of the enthusiasm you can conjure. Grab Your Group & GO! was founded on and continues to embrace this very principle. 

I love the performing arts, I love planning, I love collecting experiences and connecting others, and I LOVE NYC! But in 2015, I found myself living in NYC and only going once a year to the theater on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Why was I not taking more advantage of all that NYC has to offer? This question must have resonated with my fellow New Yorkers and our group ballooned. 

Via Grab Your Group & GO!, I derive an outsize proportion of joy from inspiring my fellow New Yorkers to join me at the theater or around NYC as we immerse ourselves in various art forms, gain new perspectives and forge new relationships along the way. The constellation of human connections that have been formed since our founding has been an absolute gift. Every experience we offer is exponentially better when experienced with the group. 

As a long time intrepid traveler and wide eyed travel enthusiast, I embrace this same philosophy in the travel space – inspiring members of the group to explore new places and seek out adventure infused forms of experiential travel that shift perspectives, create lasting memories, and forge new connections. We will have so much fun planning your next transporting adventure for you to Grab Your Group & GO!

Stacie Julian - Co Founder & Travel Advisor

I have a passion for meticulous organization, exhaustive research and attention to detail, all essential skills to be both a Travel Advisor and Linda’s Co-Founder at Grab Your Group & GO!

I love every minute of masterminding custom itineraries and elevated experiences that maximize opportunities for meaningful connection. I love taking the burden of planning off of you, and letting it land on our shoulders. And I love sharing these experiences with the group in destinations at home and around the globe.

The experience of travel elevates the soul in the same way as an emotional moment in a darkened Broadway theater, watching the sun set into the ocean or adopting a dog in need. These experiences are transformative on their own, but better when shared with your group.

To read more about Stacie’s backstory with Grab Your Group & GO click here.

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