Opportunities ABOUND in YES!

The Opportunity Inherent in YES!

In 2025, we will be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Grab Your Group & GO. It was in January of 2015 that the first email went out to our OG of 40 women encouraging them to join me at the theater on the first Tuesday of every month. One Broadway show. Once a month. Oh my how we have grown.

We like to say we are in the experience business – selling experiences vs. tangible goods. Numerous studies have indicated that allocating monetary resources on experiences vs. things provides internal and lasting life satisfaction – not an insignificant contribution.

As I reflect further on what we offer, I think what we really provide are opportunities for experiences. What you choose to do within each and all of these opportunities is entirely up to you. 

While this group began almost 10 years ago when I was 47, the group really got GOING when I hit 50 and marked that year as my year of YES. I said YES to scary things, I said yes to things I didn’t think I could do, I said yes to putting myself out there, I said yes to being vulnerable and I said yes to letting others aid and abet me in my endeavors (mostly Stacie! and Christine S!). You can read more about My Year of Yes here.

All in all what I was saying yes to was each and every opportunity that entered my 50 year old stratosphere. What was supposed to be one year of YES has become a now almost seven year endeavor, a forever lifestyle. And it has led to the creation and growth of this community with our culturally minded group.

We have built something from nothing by embracing a yes to opportunity mindset. 

Say YES MORE to Experience MORE!

What you make of the opportunities within this community is up to you. But I can say that the more you say yes to group gatherings, the more the amazing humans that have been collected in this group will infiltrate your life.

So many new friendships have been made at the theater, via the various walks, and of course through travel. Life circles have been widened with the simple act of joining for an experiential outing and in turn being OPEN and OUTGOING when you arrive. 

For example my friend Lisa after some persuading said YES to London and now Miraval – both times with a sincere thank you for getting her out of her comfort zone. At the basest form she said yes to spending time in Austin and a super cool hotel set in the Austin Hill Country. By saying YES to this trip, she is now open to the opportunity of new friends, new experiences, possibly new hobbies, and perhaps a new life mindset as inspired by what she learns while with the group at Miraval. A simple yes with exponential extensions of opportunity. 

I spend a huge proportion of my time and energy creating experiential opportunities for this group and encouraging you to join for said experiences – this is a fact. 

Not one thing we are offering is tangible or will take up space in your home. Instead we are providing the opportunity for richer life experiences at each event and the potential friendship ripple effect that follows. 

This selling mindset takes resilience – it takes stamina – it requires a constant will to stay internally motivated and the discipline to NOT take things personally. It means being open to feedback and impervious to judgement. It takes an endless amount of renewable optimism. It is not always easy as the nos far outweigh the yeses. I plow forward ONLY because I believe in our mission: to bring people together through shared experiences at home and around the globe.

How you choose to avail yourself of these experience opportunities and the connections made through the experiences… that is up to you. I hope it involves the word YES whether it is with this group or in some other brave endeavor you’ve been wanting to pursue.

Look at how happy everyone looks in the photos we’ve gathered over the last nine years. What a pleasure this endeavor of saying yes has been. Thank you group.

Our group’s experience is entirely counter to the research finding that friendships are harder to form in mid-life as summarized in this Psychology Today article. Aren’t we lucky to have this group?!?!!

If you are not in the NYC area, check out the above article for tips to making friends in mid life. Or start your own group! We would be happy to help. 


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