GO Experience SUFFS on Broadway!

If you ever needed further motivation to exercise your right to vote or to inspire your younger’s view on his/her right to vote AND the power of individuals to assert change, I suggest you make it a point to experience Suffs on Broadway now.

Suffs, short for Suffragists, explores the quite frustrating battle to extend voting rights to the female persuasion from 1913 to 1920. I am guessing this very American story occupies about two and 1/2 paragraphs in the history textbooks. Well Suffs changes this and gives us an entertaining 2.5 hours of a history lesson on the efforts, sacrifices, and vast and varied challenges faced by these fearless, relentless, and just super human females. How remarkable that as individuals and as a team these fierce forces of nature just kept going in spite of being heckled, tortured, ridiculed, and perhaps even worse than all of that IGNORED.

The show explores the stylistic differences in how a few female factions tackled this battle. Unfortunate that our female forebears had to resort to militant behavior and dire tactics such as hunger strikes – JUST TO BE HEARD. All true – and again though – they kept GOING! Inspo material for sure for each of us to forge ahead no matter the challenges tossed in our way.

Many of the themes/stereotypes/challenges are 100 percent true for females here in America and all around the world still today. Thankfully the storyteller Shania Taub, also the star of the show, uses humor and song to soften the rather harsh blows of reality that are inherent in the story. Several lines and numbers had the audience laughing together which is always a relief.

Everyone that I could see collectively rose to their feet at the end of the show in appreciation for the efforts of the performers and the sheer effort it must have been to bring this story to the Broadway stage. Efforts on behalf of so many women who fought and continue to fight for a basic human right for our voices to be heard.

GO experience Suffs! Bring a daughter, an aunt, your mom, a granddaughter and all of the men you know too. They should hear this story too. Let’s all keep marching towards the goals we want to achieve no matter what your gender, because we can.

Gail & Linda at Suffs


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