GO SEE Lempicka on Broadway!

Whoa whoa whoa! I am here to let you know you should seriously drop what you are doing and go grab your ticket to GO SEE Lempicka on Broadway.

Who? What? Lempicka? You ask!!

Yes yes yes, Lempicka!!!

Lempicka cracked onto Broadway with its first preview this week – simultaneously wooing, captivating and astonishing the audience with this sweeping history from early 1900s to 1975. Years that mysteriously were swept under a very burdensome rug. 

The musical paints many stories over the course of it’s unfolding. It paints a portrait…

  • of a stronger than she knows woman finding her own power
  • of a love story and a love triangle
  • of an obsessive and uncontainable love
  • of the sacrifices made to adhere to what is expected by society
  • of moving forward with dignity and spirit in spite of the most dire conditions
  • of finding freedom where you can and hoping that is enough

ALL OF THIS, AND we are treated to a host of stand out performances. My personal favorite stand out being George Abud (also lovable in The Band’s Visit). Eden Espinosa as Lempicka, who with her wondrous talents luxuriates in the role. The stunning Amber Iman defines the word muse as she captivates and seduces Lempicka and the audience. And remember the child Zoe Glick that so nailed the Sarah Silverman role in The Bedwetter that many of us viewed last spring? She is there too! As Lempicka’s daughter. Still more standouts could be mentioned!! So many talents packed onto that super cool shape shifting stage.

Not sure this is relevant to a musical theater reflection, but I laughed! Quite a bit! Was expecting to be dazzled by the beauty, the representation of the art deco time period on canvases and the clothing – and I was! I also laughed – sincere – oh that’s really funny – laughter quite a few times. These talents!!?? Not enough to be able to sing and emote!!! They have the gift of comic timing too! The opportunities for laughter serve to make these characters accessible, likable, and sweep you into the story all the more.

You may never have heard about Lempicka – the artist or the show – but her volume? It is about to get pumped WAY WAY up. I think you should be there to see it. With the original cast!

Last night was a sumptuous and satisfying evening on Broadway. Right Lara and MB?? Such a treat to run into you both as well for some gleeful broadway banter on the sidewalk after the show.

Congratulations to Lori and Elisabeth for all of your hard work on this one. Worth it to bring this story to the NYC stages. I hope EVERYONE can GO SEE LEMPICKA! 

If you happen to be in NYC on April 3rd, then GO SEE LEMPICKA with OUR GROUP! We have an exclusive experience planned that includes a cocktail party pre-show, plus two learning opportunities that will further enhance your viewing of this show. Click HERE to join us! 


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