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New Year - New Experiences!

Sometime in November I thought it would be a grand idea to pop a 2 night exploratory trip Miraval Austin onto my already rather crushed December calendar. Note to self: need to explore using the word NO more. 🙂  Spoiler alert! I thoroughly enjoyed my brief time there and am EXCITED to GO BACK! This time with a GROUP!

By the time the journey rolled along, truth be told, I was hoping that the predicted storm would mitigate my travel plans and strand me at home with my holiday to-do list. No such luck which is how I found myself in the Hill Country of Austin at Miraval one week before Christmas.  

Wellness vacations, in my mind anyway, really weren’t my thing. Was not exactly sure if this was the best use of one’s time – so I arrived a tad suspect and with some reservations. However the purpose of the visit was not to see if Mirival was a good fit for me, but a good fit for the group that has been assembled over the last nine years. This gave the visit a purpose (I do love a good purpose) and a responsibility to consider the experience beyond my own self. Okay. Down with that. 

If you are not familiar with Miraval, it is a Hyatt owned brand that encourages a mindful escape to disconnect for the purpose of re-connecting with oneself and possibly others. While not their tagline, it easily could be: wellness your way. 

Let me explain all the various ways you can roll at Miraval depending on your definition of the rather wide sweeping term: wellness.

  • The Wellness Fitness Enthusiast: You my fit friend could spend your day doing any number of classes or fitness like activities. Spin! Pilates! Yoga! TRX! Aqua Cardio!
  • The Wellness Learning Enthusiast: At Miraval my learning friend you can take any range of classes – from learning how to make a smoothie, improving your knife skills and putting together a healthy charcuterie board to mindful grocery shopping and optimal metabolism.
  • The Wellness Meditation/Eastern Medicine Enthusiast: Ooommm and namaste, so many ways to explore in this category. Meditation, sound bathing, cleansing ceremony, and so much more.
  • The Adventure Enthusiast: Lots in this category as well fellow adventure seekers. Ropes course, kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, and aerial yoga to name just a few.
  • Spa Enthusiast: This category of person would pay a lot extra, but would be ensconced in a spa Shangri-La with every possible treatment on offer.
  • Or the Everything Enthusiast: Join me as we partake in bits and pieces of ALL OF IT. 

We (Stacie, Michael and I) engaged in the following over our 48 hours on property. We kicked things off with Wine and Your Sign – we learned all about the meaning of our astrological signs while sipping wines that conveyed: air, earth, fire, and water. FUN! 

We launched the next day with an on site hike through the woods learning more about the property and armadillos. Then followed that up with a cardio drumming class (think dance party where you are drumming a bosu ball to the beat of the music).  

Next we had an equine experience where we tried to get horses to bend to our whim as an exercise in leadership styles. Good thing we are in the business of grabbing people instead of horses to go, cause our horses were none too cooperative. 

This was followed by a farm tour where we learned that in the future the onsite farm will be supplying a large percentage of the hotel food that is served and is currently providing eggs, microgreens, and honey. Amazing. We got to meet Peanut the playful runt chicken and his 150 chicken friends. Based on the vegetable garden tour, I sent Don a thousand texts on how to improve some of his gardening strategies. 

After this surprisingly informative and fun activity, Stacie and Michael went off to learn how to mindfully mix drinks while I did an in-depth spa, pool(s) and jacuzzi(s) exploration at sunset. 

On our final morning – Michael and I hit the Hills and Drills exercise class, then we all finished up our Miraval experience high up in the air on the rather inventive, super safe and surprisingly challenging adventure course that culminated with a leap of faith off of a medium high tower.

Each day culminated with healthy, but substantial dinners over fine wines enthusiastically selected and shared by Cassidy the resident and winningly cheerful sommelier. Remember – this is wellness your way and my wellness includes red wine over dinner. Thank you Cassidy! 

We made quite a few new friends along the way while closely observing our fellow Miraval travelers. Whole mixed bag crowd – couples, lots of mother daughter combos, sisters, and a surprising amount of singles of the male and female variety. Often half the dining room was filled with singles. It was also common for a larger than expected percentage of guests to show up to dinner in their bathrobes or pajamas! Or yoga wear!

This struck me as odd at first, but it kinda just works. And if you can’t unplug dining in your bathrobe, well I guess unplugging is just not in your future. Need to go back just to try that lifestyle on for size. 

My fave new friends (coincidence?) hailed from none other than NYC. In typical NYC fashion their schedules were brimming over with a myriad of Miraval activities and we enjoyed hearing about each and every one of their experiences. 

At breakfast a common site would be fellow Miraval travelers hunkered down over their plan for the day and making changes and additions to their schedule. If there is space, Miraval will accommodate!! And with good cheer.

Cheerful is a word I would use to describe the staff at Miraval. Cheerful with a purpose. There is no tipping and most everything is included – the food and a majority of the activities. Wine costs extra as do some of the more specialized activities i.e. any services at the spa, anything equine related, anything with high staffing needs like the outdoor elevated challenge course, or anything that requires extra supplies like cooking supplies or paddle boards/kayaks. 

Staying on property is worth the trip alone. It is a gorgeous, expansive and peaceful place to just be. This is a good thing because you will spend a fair bit of time walking through the property as you make your way to your various – wellness your way – activities. Along the way you will find hammocks for reading and other inviting spaces to sit and ponder your life and your time at Miraval or to read a book. This is a good thing. 

I loved my room with its lovely hill country light streaming into its many windows. The cozy corner reading nook enveloped in windows, the large terrace, outdoor shower, and ridiculously comfy bed were my favorite parts of my accommodation. Was sad to leave it truth be told. Thank you storm for not impeding my wellness my way adventure. 

My question to you is… Do you want to GO??

To learn more about GOing with our Group April 16th – 19th, CLICK HERE. Join and experience Miraval in the way that works for you. 

If you want to GO solo or with your own group… We, well Stacie, can help with that too. She masterminded every second of our trip and would be thrilled to help you plan the ideal Miraval experience for your group.

You dream. We design. You GO!


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