Grab Your Group & GO – in OHIO!

Taking my CLEVELAND Group to Mrs. Doubtfire

In July I learned that Rob McClure, the acting, voice impersonation and shape shifting genius that originated the ambitious role of Mrs. Doubtfire on Broadway was taking Mrs. Doubtfire, a show I think should have been long running on Broadway, ON A NATIONAL TOUR. His actual wife – Maggie Lakis –  is playing his wife on stage! And they have their 6 year old daughter Sadie in tow. Brave man Rob! Genuinely so generous of you to share your talent with the nation – including my family and hometown friends.

After some quick research yielded this tour included my hometown of Cleveland, made a note to reach out to Playhouse Square in August to what else? Bring a group!

I have done many reach outs to theaters, but this one was different. New terrain yes? But not really! It was in fact old terrain – original terrain. My parents wove frequent theater visits into the fabric of my childhood. Playhouse Square was part of my regular childhood rotation. My mom was on The Women’s Committee of The Playhouse and was committed to grabbing her kids and going to the theater no matter what our stance was on the situation. I guess she is the original founder of Grab Your Group & GO. Aww thank you Mom for sharing your appreciation for the performing arts with the three of us. 

Slightly misty eyed, in my email to the “group sales” guy I explained how Playhouse Square was a formative part of my childhood and my current identity. This guy, whose name turned out to be Jim, called me immediately. (THIS NEVER HAPPENS IN NYC – NO ONE EVER CALLS.) He let me know that in 30 years of working there he had never, ever received such a nice email. So moved was he by the missive, he printed it out and put it on the staff billboard. Aw thanks Jim. 

We landed on a date and anyone with a Taft handle in their name got Mrs. Doubtfire tickets for xmas. Some close family friends were also blended into this oh so lovable group. I knew precisely who was going – but the group? They had no idea who else was joining which made for an even more fun than usual group reveal at the theater. I do love a good reveal!

We had 5 grandparents! Both of my brothers and their spouses. All 3 nieces and their spouses! A great niece and her friend and 3 lovely Taft adjacent couples. So much hugging! And yelps of joy! And laughing. 

I could summarize what transpired, instead I have two thoughtful thank you notes to share…

Thank you Betsi! Thank you Terry & Jamie!! You completely GET Grab Your Group & GO and why it is we do what we do.

Going to the same event is only the catalyst. It is what happens while the group is together that is our primary motivator: providing the group opportunities to connect over shared experiences.

So much connecting happened on that Saturday as people figured out how the puzzle pieces of the group fit together and shared their opinions of what they saw on the stage. Easy and animated conversation. Quick catch ups on life in general. And a shared experience that can be revisited the next day or years from now. Best xmas present ever really!!! 

I only wish my mom, the original group catalyst, could have been part of the experience to see what she has created as we carry on her commitment to culture and LIVING. The event was many things, including a celebration of her. 

Experience MORE when you GO with a GROUP!

I sincerely believe MORE people should embrace a Grab Your Group & GO mentality! In Cleveland! Boston! Miami! More New Yorkers! New Jersey! Connecticut! Chicago! San Francisco! Everywhere!!!

Whether gathering via shows, art gallery outings, amusements park visits, ski trips, bike trips, girls trip, multi generational trips, historical walks, salons with speakers on topics that interest you, views, sunsets, time with family, hiking, biking, ball games or all of the above, GOOD THINGS HAPPEN WHEN YOU GATHER A GROUP.

Think about it! If you could grab a group and go somewhere? Where would you go? What would you do? What joy would these events spark? In your life and others? 

Do YOU want to Grab YOUR Own Group & GO? We have years of practice and tips we can share. And thanks to our technology wizard Stacie we are developing a toolset that can be employed to help you organize getting said group to whatever shared experience you can dream up. Plus the people who don’t even know they want to be in your group yet!

Reach out! Happy to help YOU figure out how to Grab YOUR Group & GO!

The group gathered at the very first night at the theater.


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