The Top 3 Reasons to GO to SLOVENIA!

At Grab Your Group & GO we are obsessed with unearthing shows, cultural experiences and now TRAVEL destinations that are NOT on people’s radar, but SHOULD BE. Slovenia as a travel destination is exactly THIS!!! Now we just need to determine when to GO. In the meantime, happy to help you get there FIRST! Read on to learn about the many merits of this shiny gem of a travel experience. But shhh…it’s a secret. 🙂

A previously undiscovered treasure, Slovenia is moving into the spotlight – landing on National Geographic’s 2023 List of the top 25 Destinations in the World, and the NYTimes 2022 List of 52 Places. As Italy, France, Croatia and Greece are selling out once again this summer, Slovenia – one of the most naturally diverse and culturally rich countries in Europe – is THE PLACE for those wanting to GO a little off the beaten track to discover a hidden gem.

The Top 3 Reasons to GO to SLOVENIA!

1 – The HISTORY! Located in Central Europe, Slovenia neighbors Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. It has been part of the the Roman and Byzantine Empires, the Kingdom of Hungary, The Republic of Venice, and Napoleon’s First French Empire. In 1991, Slovenia was the first republic to break away from Yugoslavia and gain independence.

Due to the intersection of these diverse cultures, there are abundant castles and mansions from the medieval, renaissance and baroque eras to visit that will make you feel as if you’ve stepped into a fairy tale.

Slovenia’s history dates back to antiquity, with artifacts including an over 60,000 year old flute, and the over 4500 year old remains of pile dwellings discovered in the Lubljana Marsh that are now a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site. Let your inner history buff run wild!

2 – The FOOD & WINE! Slovenia sits at a culinary crossroads between the Mediterranean, Germanic and Slavic countries that have influenced the cuisine to create no less than 170 delicious typical dishes. The one thing these dishes have in common, and likely the top reason that Slovenian food is a culinary treasure, is that they are all made from locally produced ingredients. Discover the unique and special Slovenian cheeses, meats, sausages, oils and honeys!

And the WINE! Slovenian wines rank among the best in the world, as well they should as they have been producing wine in this region since the 4th century BC. You can even see a 450 year old vine – the oldest in the world!

3 – The LANDSCAPE & ACTIVITIES! In its small territory, Slovenia exhibits a vast diversity of nature. From the mountains of the Alps to the Pannonian Plain and the Mediterranean. This diversity provides countless opportunities for active outdoor experiences and/or relaxing sunsets with amazing views.

Slovenia is a paradise for hikers and cyclists of all levels with over 6,000 miles of maintained trails. The picturesque rivers, lakes, waterfalls and the sea are perfect for lovers of fishing, kayaking and water sports or for quiet moments on the beach. For the adrenaline junkies… spend your time exploring caves, paragliding, kayaking through abandoned mine tunnels or descending the longest zipline in Europe! There is truly something for everyone in this idyllic location.

Ready to start planning your trip to Slovenia or any other amazing global destination? We’re here to help. Click the button below to get started. It’s a great big world out there. Let’s GO!


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