GO See Life of Pi on Broadway!

During its super successful West End run, Life of Pi caused quite the stir. Now, having experienced it, I know why. Of all of our many shows this is the one I was most curious to see. This was also the one I had the most trouble finding words to accurately depict the experience. Was it a play? Was it a musical? Will it do justice to one of my most favorite books? How will they bring this epic and fantastical story to life?

Life of Pi, on Broadway now, is a play – ie there is no singing! However this show presents like a musical. It is visually stunning and dream like. The storytelling is captivating. It’s choreography is powerful, nimble and exceedingly well executed. The just magical puppetry that infuses life into the larger than life animals that are a cornerstone of the story are something to behold. Think Harry Potter and The Cursed Child fused with The Lion King. Think “playsical!” And thank you for the creative license on creating a new word. 🙂

Whereas most of the plays we have experienced recently have been stark and dark and brutally grounded in reality that makes you want to look away (Between Riverside and Crazy, Leopoldstadt, A Doll’s House, The Jungle, and LOVE), Life of Pi gives us viewers a break from this and works thanks to the very act of suspending reality.

The artistry of the puppeteers was perhaps my favorite part. To my count there were a minimum of three humans employed per life size animal. The teamwork and artistry necessary to infuse life into these animals is nothing short of astounding.

At the very beginning, when the first of the artists that are the animals in Life of Pi emerged I said to Jenn – ooh need a matinee. Needed to eat those words minutes later when things got a little graphic in the animal kingdom that was on stage. So leave the littles at home! But do bring the teenagers.

This is a very special, visually stunning and unique performing arts experience. I can say with confidence and enthusiasm – you should GO. I am already excited to GO back!


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