Closing the LOOP on the Happiness Challenge?

Let’s GO back to Day 6 of The NY Times Happiness Challenge: Put a Social Plan on Your Calendar. When I read this installment, it struck me that GYGG might have bribed the author to lay out this very clear manifesto of all things we hold dear: Say yes to things! Go out! Be with people!

The Day 6 challenge also tossed my new favorite word around with wild abandon: propinquity – the simple act of upping your interaction time with fellow humans and all that follows with that.

Eight years ago this month pretty much to the day, I launched my very first email to 40 friends announcing what I dubbed The First Tuesday of the Month Theater Club. I quickly changed this to Group to avoid smacking of exclusivity. We are a lot of things, but exclusive is not one of them. Our first show was: Kinky Boots!

The goal? Propinquity. Ha! Nope – I only just learned this word when I read the article.

The goal at the time was to get myself and my circle of friends to take advantage of the performing arts more regularly.

The end result? 8 years later we:

  • Have a name that is a paraphrased definition of propinquity: Grab Your Group & GO!

  • Are 1000+ humans strong, with a group collected via the most excellent filter of love of culture and exploration.

  • Offer AN ABUNDANCE of opportunities for propinquity!

Proof positive over the course of these 8 years that the simple act of upping your interaction time with fellow humans is a good thing for one’s health, happiness, and well being.

If you need more PROPINQUITY in your life, we are happily here for you. Just GO!


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