According to the NYTimes Happiness Challenge: Going to SHOWS Makes You Happy!

Exciting news. I took the social adeptness quiz that was part of the first installment of The New York Times Happiness Challenge series – my social skills are in tip top shape. Phew, in case you were concerned.

If you did not see it, the NYTimes earlier this month launched the 7 Day Happiness Challenge series. They used the very study I referenced last summer in my What I Learned at Harvard Business School post.

The Times summarized the study that I learned at HBS about as follows: “From all the data, one very clear finding has emerged: Strong relationships are what make for a happy life. More than wealth, I.Q. or social class, it’s the robustness of our bonds that most determines whether we feel fulfilled. It’s not just your bonds with friends and family that are crucial to happiness… It’s the friendly conversation with your mail carrier or the acquaintance you see at the dog run.”

I might add experiencing the performing arts! With the group! Which is why I paraphrased this post’s title: Going to Shows Makes You Happy. 🙂 Fostering new connections! Meeting new people! Everything we do at Grab Your Group & GO supports what The Happiness Challenge suggests you do for your happiness, yes but also your health.

In Grab Your Group & GO land this means – say YES to the shows. Say YES to the pre-show Dinner Parties (this is where new friendships are forged). Say YES to Kevin Draper walks to learn new things and meet new and interesting people. Say YES to a simple walk in the park with me – where we will smile and say hello to lots of dogs and humans and maybe feed some birds along the way. Click here to view the experiences we have collected on our calendar. Lots of opportunities for you to land on happy. 


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