A New Year’s Resolve for 2023!

Here we are. On the cusp of another new year. A big year for this family as we prepare to send our two children off to college in the fall. How did this happen? Time I guess. They are ready for their next adventure. I think we are too. 🙂

As we look towards 2023 I don’t really embrace the concept of New Year’s Resolutions. Eat less? Spend less? Too restrictive! Get organized? Get in shape? Too punitive.

Instead of fixating on developing one new, ostensibly healthy, habit that will be a distant memory around January 27th, how about we embrace the fairly simple concept of resolving to DO MORE?

Do MORE of what you LOVE to do every. single. day. Until THAT becomes a habit and then a lifestyle.

Seriously. Make a list of things you LOVE to do right this very second. I’ll wait. 

Still waiting. Done? Okay.

Now resolve to DO MORE of what is on that list!

Most everything I LOVE to do involves the word FUN. I think it is odd and a misnomer that the word FUN can receive a bad wrap and connote: frivolous, light, surface, childish, and an amusement. 

But consider this answer when you ask the internet: 

What is the opposite of FUN?

  • Opposite of the act or state of being amused, or engaged in enjoyment or pleasure? Boredom, unhappiness, gloom, sadness.


Gives FUN a whole new gravitas don’t you think? 

I think it is FUN to write these missives. Crafting these messages, playing with words, and thoughts bemuses me and if they bemuse you too then what a lovely side bonus. I think it is FUN to visit with dogs, to chase waterfalls, make new friends, feed birds by hand, learn new things, discover new paths, to make complete strangers laugh out loud (ideally during mundane moments), to be delighted by the theater (of course) and travel and culture and books and new ideas and new views whether from on top of a mountain or via someone else’s perspective. 

I love FUN and unapologetically, enthusiastically, and publicly RESOLVE to have even MORE FUN in 2023.

What about you? What do you RESOLVE here and now to do MORE OF in 2023? 

Pop your plans into the comments. I would sincerely love to hear your answer. 

Happy New Year Group! See you somewhere FUN in 2023!

Journalist Catherine Price agrees with me on the topic of fun. To watch her TED talk espousing the value of fun and how to have MORE of it click here.

To do more fun things with ME and Grab Your Group & GO… check out our NYC EXPERIENCES and sign up for our Newsletter to stay in the Loop with our Group! Below is a montage of just some of the fun that was had in 2022. See you in 2023!


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