Oui, Oui, Titanique @ The Asylum! GO!

Last week I busted downtown with a dedicated group of multi generational theater fans where we ended up LOL’ing – to the point of tears – our way through Titanique in the teeny tiny dark basement theater of The Asylum. Such a wink, wink of a show, I can only imagine the guffawing that must have been resident during most every second of the creative process to bring this show to the stage.
Laughing out loud, throwing your head back to amplify the laugh, and wiping tears away from this extra state of laughter with your friends to your left and right and across and to the side of the stage? THE CURE FOR EVERYTHING! Days later, I found myself still chuckling over parts of the show.
The singing talent on stage is completely concomitant with high levels of humor. Marla Mindelle who embodies Celine Dion is flirty, funny, endearing, and can bust out verses (and a spot on French/Canadian accent) like queen Celine herself. She owns that stage like she invented it – which she kinda did. Ms. Mindelle co-wrote the show so her sincere, but spoofy and quite sparkly very personal delivery equates to a “can’t take your eyes off her” as she makes eye contact with you situation. 
Rose and Jack and Molly Brown and Cal (and his trusty energizer bunny side kick Mario) and the mean mother and the laughably large diamond that is the heart of the sea are all there too. And when the Iceberg takes center stage – just plan not to blink for a bit.  
Now that I am writing this I think we need to go back with an ever BIGGER group. If you want/need to laugh out loud with me. Let me know and I will try to find a date for us all to GO BACK to TITANIQUE! Because laughing together as a group is good and healthy and vital for all of us! Let’s GO group – back to Titanique!


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