Only in NYC…

Phewph. Just back from a 3 day whirlwind drama (of the finest variety) and fun filled NYC endurance theater jaunt. I was like a drunken sailor on a boat leave, collecting as many “only in NY” moments as I could as if I would be re-boarding my ship for another year and not just back in 2 weeks. 

I love NYC – really and truly and absolutely because only in NYC…

  • Can you log 26,872 steps in a day without even trying.
  • Can you run into a friend in the middle of the best park in the world and have a rejuvenating and inspiring college process chit chat.
  • Can you receive spiritual guidance from a lovely and endearing homeless-ish fellow who holds court on a bench in The Ramble as he bestows treats to the wildlife (and adoring canines) around him with the same amount of zeal that he hands out wisdom.
  • Can you walk out of your apartment and get any type of food, green juice, or crazy coffee concoction within a couple blocks of your apartment while saying hello to 30 different breeds of dogs along the way. And if dogs aren’t your thing – all of that can be delivered in a NY minute. 
  • Can you go to a cavernous space that once served a pivotal role in the military to experience two vaporize the envelope wide open performing arts experiences. (You have 8 days to go to The Armory yourself to experience Robert Icke’s mind blowing re-interpretations of Oresteia and Hamlet). Note to self: learn more about Robert Icke – yowza – the brain on this man. 
  • Can you pay homage to the author Shakespeare the day after your Hamlet viewing and be treated to what feels like someone’s private English garden in the center of the city and have all of the swoon worthy Shakespeare inspired plantings all to your very self.  
  • Can you be lucky enough to score a ticket to a show where, as my friend Maureen said, “the cast is having MORE FUN than the audience.” When that cast includes Phillippa Soo, Sara Bareilles, and Joshua Henry well then you just can’t thank NYC enough. (You now have 2 months to go Into the Woods on Broadway). 
  • Can you see your fun friend Mary Anne three nights in a row with 3 different dates in tow because she clearly has tons of friends and adores the theater just as much as you. Standing ovation for you Mary Anne – remind me to give you some curtain call roses. Bravo! 🙂
  • And ONLY in NYC can you gather in the basement of an off Broadway theater on the first Wednesday in September @7pm and be bemused together as we hear Celine Dion’s take on what really went down on the Titanic in a show called Titanique!

Is Titanique high brow entertainment? Absolutely not. Is Titanique a titanic size girls night out of side splitting guffawing?? Oui oui oui…ooh la la…. Absoluttement!! And it’s only 90 minutes long, so not much of a commitment! After our 9.5 hours of theater this week, this is a literal walk in the park Mary Anne!! Join. Grab your favorite group and grab your tickets. I promise you… we will have FUN! Click here for tickets.

Word on the street is that Marla Mindelle, the co-author of Titanique who plays Celine Dion in the show, is MAGNIFICENT. Even if you don’t like Celine Dion you WILL after you see this show. We shall see! Oh and if you want to learn more about this one before you decide to join click here to visit it’s very persuasive website. 

See you at Titanique and all over this city that many of us are beyond lucky to call home.



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