Grab Your Group & GO SEE Paradise Square!

I totally get why the Tony voters lavished Paradise Square with all sorts of voting love. We had a small, but committed frequent flyer group to see it last week and what a great experience it was! We learned more about the history of this great city we love and we were treated to some pretty phenomenal dancing and chill inducing songs.

Much like an immigrant’s arrival to the United States, Paradise Square has had a challenging time landing on Broadway. The show opened in the spring of 2021 and like all theaters faced the cruel twists of covid. That it opened to mixed reviews, mostly of the negative variety, did not help. I think many critics were surprised when Paradise Square garnered 10 Tony nominations tying it with MJ: The Musical for second place in the Tony nomination race behind A Strange Loop (going to that next week). But the audiences weren’t surprised, they continued to turn up for this show that is quite worthy of some adoration!

Before making it into the audience myself, my own enthusiasm for the show was rather snuffed out when the group did not seem very interested in going. While these days we average around 40 people in attendance per show (down from our pre – Covid days of 80 a show – miss those days!) for Paradise Square we only had 10 sign on and one was my husband!

Fortunately, I met historian Kevin Draper about a month prior to our show date and he re-invigorated my enthusiasm. He was sincerely quite taken with the performance and was impressed by it’s historical accuracy. As a fellow who is seeped in NYC history, his stamp of approval is a coveted one.  I went back to the group to share Kevin’s assessment of the show and we then doubled our numbers!

I also booked a Little Five Points tour for the group who was going to Paradise Square for a walking history lesson with Kevin on the Sunday before the show. Wise move by me as this tour made the show that much more meaningful. 

Paradise Square has an enormous cast – telling an enormously important story about the immigrant experience. I do believe that Joaquina Kalukango as Nellie O’Brien will win The Tony for her performance. If the theater would have let us we would still be standing and clapping away for her absolutely bring the house down final song. Right ladies? Right. And the message at the end is one we would all benefit from heeding.

If you have some time between now and The Tony’s on June 12th, I think this show is worthy of you consideration. Grab Your Group and GO! 

And if you want to book a tour of any part of the city with Kevin (except for Central Park – if you want Central Park reach out to me!!) check out his website. You will have the best time and learn a ton. I am so taken with Kevin and his knowledge, I plan to do a tour with a group once a month with him starting in the fall. Eby!! Can you imagine how NYC savvy we will be a year from today. 🙂

Our opportunities to experience the theater together this spring are quite diminished, but if you want to see The Bedwetter, or soft with the group, click here


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