Grab Your Group & Weep at Birthday Candles

What defines a life? Or put another way, what defines your place in the universe? Is it the number of loves one had? Or loves one lost? Is it the number of traditions kept alive and faithfully carried on? Is it your accomplishments? Is it your experiences? Is it the number of amphibious creatures kept under your roof? Is it the number of candles on your very last birthday cake? 
During this life as you stake a claim to your place in the universe, what is your general stance and attitude on life and all that it throws at you along the way? To explore these questions via an experience at the theater, I highly recommend you grab a friend and a handkerchief and go see Birthday Candles now playing at The Roundabout Theatre.  
There are a million things you will relate to as you watch Debra Messing as a loveable and relatable Ernestine journey on her accelerated path from 17 to 107 in the 90 minute production that flies right by. The transformations of Ms. Messing and her cast of fellow able, often witty, and deft players is entertaining and riveting all on its own. But it is the life themes that are explored and dissected that will have you weeping in your seat.
As a sage and resilient friend summarized “Ernestine suffered so many losses, but she still had joy and family and loved and lived and got on with it. Embracing kindness always.” And that is a super worthy way to stake your place in the universe. #lifegoals
GO, GO, GO experience this show! Your place in the universe will be better for it. 
To experience a future show with our fun group this spring click here to grab your tickets. So many fun offerings on the calendar. Life is better with dogs and trips to the theater. Pet all the dogs! See all the shows! To officially join the group add your email below on the right where it says SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER. We are and will always be a more the merrier operation. Grab Your Group and GO!


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