Space Dogs – Grab Your Group & GO!

If you were to walk a single city block with me you would quickly observe (and perhaps be slightly annoyed) by my avid (rabid?) appreciation for the creatures on this earth that we call canines. When alone, truth be told, and the owner seems friendly enough I will pet and visit with every single dog on my path. Effort has been expended to squelch this impulse (and is sometimes still exercised when with people) – but why? As the saying goes…life is better with dogs. Let me one up that…life is infinitely better with dogs. Life happiness tip: lean into what you love as often and as enthusiastically as you can. 
Which is why when on the quest for off-Broadway offerings an obvious choice for me and the group was: Space Dogs, now playing in a teensy tiny “space” at The MCC Theater. If you are a fan of the four legged, history lessons, laughing, and outsize talent then you should absolutely go too.
Bravo to Nick Blaemire and Van Hughes for sharing their covid deep dive into the Russian space race in such a captivating, engaging, and creative way. The group that went – bravo group – learned quite a bit as the performers raced through a part of history not covered in our history books…ie it was a secret! sshhh…
Along the way and via many catchy and winsome ditty’s they dole out historical tidbits as you would offer treats to a puppy in training while celebrating with unabashed ardor the mission critical role the dog plays in our lives. Speaking my language. My niece and I often say “dogs..we don’t deserve them.” We really don’t.
You know what else is speaking my language? Brave, bold, storytellers whose enthusiasm for their story is absolutely rivalled by their deep well of talent. Nick and Van must be on a stratospheric adrenaline high after each and every performance. It took me a while to calm down after the show and I was just sitting there.
Their story is the definition of alacrity and give and take and then take and give some more teamwork – with costume, set, puppet deployment, clever use of multimedia, and numerous accents and instruments seamlessly choreographed into the tale. They are wizards in the art of performing ARTS and if all history lessons were taught this way we would all be expert historians.
Which is why you should absolutely Grab Your Group and GO see Space Dogs too.Maybe today?? Grab tickets here. The run for this show has been extended (another promising sign) but it will close in early March. Have a meal at Sesamo before or after the show. Can’t go wrong with Italian/some region of Asian fusion. Truth. Yum. And they shift the mix match of the cultures quarterly. When we went it was Italian /Japanese next it will be Italian/Korean. I love NYC!!! Almost as much as I love dogs. 
Cheers to that! 
If you would like to join for one our many group theater outings click here. So, so much to choose from. Something for everyone on the list. Grab a ticket and go


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