New York City – So Absolutely Not Dead

I wonder what all of those people who wrote all of those doom and gloom articles and posts about New York City being dead are doing these days? Writing retractions? Finding some other negativity to spew into the world? Who, in their right mind, would bet against this town that is home to the scrappiest, most resourceful, creative, and active individuals that can be amassed in one place?

Last week I attended Tour Guide school with about 40 participants from all over the country. All perfecting their skills to bring busloads of students and other variety of tourists to this town of NYC that I am constantly grateful I get to call home. This group alone, so dedicated to their craft that they are willing to spend the time and the money during the frigid winter month of February to learn how to best navigate this city and show off the very best, the most thought provoking, and special parts of this town, will collectively bring some 1000 plus people to the city this summer. Cue the life support. Not.

Let us consider the world of the performing arts. A year ago theaters were dark as dark could be and this thick and suffocating blanket of darkness prevailed over each and every person that participates in the magic that is the performing arts. Emerging from this bleak space, navigating new and foreign ways to do things, and creating magic is a Herculean, not very well paid, labor of love. I know of no better way to celebrate this re-emergence than to share with you this theater group’s eye popping and enticing spring calendar.

The LONGGGG and super eclectic list of shows that are listed below CLEARLY illustrates, in no uncertain terms, this bold and brave reemergence that we are oh so fortunate to have in our midst as New York City springs back to it’s vibrant and ridiculously engaging self. How thankful and grateful are we that these artists and creatives  have emerged from literally ashes to give us this rich tapestry of a theater calendar?? So thankful. So grateful.

We need the theater. The theater needs us. Give this list a perusal and be a part of it for one, for three, or for all of them or go on your own with your own groups. New York City is alive, so alive, and so let’s be alive with it.

Grab Tickets HERE for any of the below shows!

February 24th @7:30pm SPACE DOGS Two bold and inventive creatives sharing with us the story about a dog being sent into orbit by Russia during the space race. Am told it is delightful and educational – two adjectives I LOVE. 

March 3rd @7pm or March 6th @3pm MJ: The Musical  The music, the dancing and the three Michaels who gift the audience with spot on performances is why big groups have been assembled to experience this show. I will probs pull this from our mini box office soon so if you want in for this thrill of an evening or afternoon on Broadway you know what do.

March 31st @7pm Take Me Out Yes please take me out to this Broadway show being offered by my favorite non profit, Second Stage Theater. This was on our ill fated 2019-2020 calendar and I am told it is well worth the wait. I will give this show it’s own spotlight super soon, but there is a baseball team and it’s star player has just revealed he is gay. The story revolves around this and I for one am not going to miss it. There is some talent on stage that has caused a frenzy for the front row seats. I will leave it at that. 

April 7th @8pm FUNNY GIRL We are almost a 100 strong to experience this super fancy feather in our cap show of the season. Beanie Feldstein, Jane Lynch, and an all star group in the audience. Also a cannot miss situation. 

April 13th @2pm or April 13th @8pm Birthday Candles Our first Wednesday Matinee of the season!!! with a same day evening performance for those who can’t make the matinee. Fun. And a good one! Debra Messing exploring the question over a series of birthdays… What makes a lifetime, into a life? I might have to go twice so as to properly explore this question. 

April 24th @1:30pm SUFFS at The Public Theater Grab you daughters, your sons and join us at The Public Theater for a show about women fighting the good fight for our right to vote. Pretty much reason enough to join for this one. Then add Phillapa Soo (Hamilton) and Jenn Collela (the pilot in Come From Away) and you will fight for your right to see this show. Ha ha. Could not resist that one.

April 28th @8pm or May 11th @2pm How I Learned to Drive If Mary Louise Parker is on the stage then I am going to be in the audience. Not a light and breezy story, but one that needs to be seen and experienced. 

May 8th @3pm FUNNY GIRL  Happy Mother’s Day to me and maybe you too!? 

May 12th @7pm Into the Woods at New York City Center  This. This is a big deal. A limited run of Stephen Sondheim’s classic tale that weaves together all of our favorite fairy tales. Cue Sara Bareilles as The Baker’s Wife (yes please) and Ashley Park (Mean Girls and Grand Horizons) as Cinderella among others in this all star cast telling an all star story. Pop this show into your theater basket. 

June 7th @7pm Hamlet in The Armory  I will see anything at The Armory just for the experience of going to The Armory. Layer in that this production is being brought to us from London where it was jolly well received and obviously this illustrious performance had to grand finale our season.

Wow. Wow. Wow. Just writing this makes me feel alive!! What a spring! What a season! What a list of offerings!! How lucky are those of who get to live here and have all of this in our backyard? SO LUCKY. Grab Your Tickets and GO!!

New York City. So absolutely not dead. 

See you at Space Dogs and Hamlet and everything in between!!




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