Reflecting on Life at Morning Sun (and answering the question: why I am holding a dog while standing next to Edie Falco?)

On the Monday before Thanksgiving a group of 40 of us, predominantly women at a variety of ages, went to experience the show Morning Sun presented by The Manhattan Theater Club off Broadway now. We were 40 people with unique and layered personal histories of our own who went to explore in granular and raw detail the layered and personal life of Charley, expertly played by Edie Falco in concert with Blair Brown (as her mother) and Marin Ireland (as Charley’s daughter). While we all were witness to the same exact performance it was our own collection of personal experiences that made the show unique and stirring for almost each and every person in our assembled audience.

There were tears lots of them – I am hopeful they were tears of the cathartic variety. One savvy attendee observed that it was the perfect play to see in advance of Thanksgiving where we are flung together with an assortment of families and friends each coming to the table with their own personal and layered personas.

The play, while exploring one life, enables us to further reflect on our own lives and others. This is a good thing. This is why we go and will continue to go to shows – to learn more about our own lives through the exercise of examining others.  To join the group to experience a show click here. We have an array of remarkable theater offerings for January and early February. Join! Theater is even better with a group.

GOOD NEWS: Morning Sun’s run has been extended to December 19th. Grab Your Group and GO!

And to answer the question…Why am I holding a dog while standing next to Edie Falco?

So engrossed was the group with discussing the play we were all still on the sidewalk when Edie Falco emerged with her dog Sammy.  Of course I wanted to say hello and thank her for the performance… But the dog??? Look at that adorable dog!

I had a quick internal debate about how to proceed. So after a quick and warm greeting to Edie, I asked if I could pick up her dog (it would have been too hard to converse while kneeling down by the dog). Thankfully she graciously and generously said yes. Hence this photo representing that moment when a few things you love in life collide: outsize talent, the theater, dogs and conversing.

Thank you Edie for sharing your many talents and your sweet as can be dog with me and the group. Thankful for that!! 🥰


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