Quietly Going Back to the Theater with Letters of Suresh

When this whole theater group began almost EIGHT years ago I envisioned it as more of a book club model – where about 8 to 10 of my friends would take in a show once a month. My vision was small and narrow and wrong. What began as a ripple, this goal of taking advantage of NYC’s cultural offerings, was embraced with enthusiasm among my friends and waves and waves of more of my friends and their friends. I knew we were on to something when husbands at cocktail parties would slip me their card and whisper to please be put “on the list.” 

Strictly through word of mouth our numbers grew to over 700. In January of 2020 – 350 people went to the theater with this group and there were just under that for the month of February (shorter month). Each and every event was a fun and festive, cerebral and culturally imbued evening connecting with old friends and making new ones. Then well, you know what happened next.

Fast forward over some solitary and bleak days, we started in July to think about building out our fall season. To ease both the group and ourselves back into show mode we deliberately started quietly with what we anticipated would be a small group at an off Broadway play. I wanted this to mirror the early days of the theater group. The play we chose was: Letters of Suresh by Rajiv Joseph (from Cleveland Heights, Ohio).

If I had known what a powerful and perfect choice this play was for our group’s or any individual’s return to the theater after an isolating pandemic, I would have made more noise about it. You should go experience this play: the words, the premise, the creative use of lighting, and the super hard to pull off, but brilliantly performed monologues.

There are four characters in the play and they never, not once, interact face to face (though there is one awkward simulated FaceTime call). Yet the characters do connect through their words on a page in the form of letters. Lots and lots of letters over the course of many years that reveal difficult truths, searing life observations, and in the end some hopeful and cathartic healing. Any audience for this show, post covid, is primed to understand each character’s isolation and the importance of connecting far better than we ever would have should the pandemic never have occurred.

Art, for the next little while anyway, will be viewed through different lenses than we used pre March of 2020. Our new lenses offer a new depth that we may have yet to understand ourselves. Thank god the theater gives us a forum to try. If you are thinking of making your return to the theater, this play Letters of Suresh, is completely worthy of your consideration. Grab your thoughtful group and go. It will be on stage until October 24th.

Or join our group to experience one or more of the carefully selected shows below. Click here to grab your tickets.

Thursday, November 4th @8pm  – Jagged Little Pill  
This show. I saw it twice pre-pandemic. The second time really blew me away. I was converted from the “like very much column” to the “wow I love this show and everyone should see it column”. Worth seeing just for the second act when Tony award winner Lauren Patten blows the roof off the house with her rendition of You Oughta Know. Even if you have seen it, which I know many of you have…you may consider a second tour. If you have not seen it – the time is now.
Tuesday, November 9th @8pm – The Visitor  (off Broadway)
This new show is by – drum roll – our piano man about town Tom Kitt teamed up with his Next to Normal wordsmith Brian Yorkey. That’s all I need to know to GO, but if you need a little teaser about the powerful music that will be unleashed on that very personal stage, click here. You may see someone you recognize. You will most certainly hear him. My love for The Public knows no bounds either so I always say yes to The Public.
Tuesday, November 16th @7pm – Clyde’s  
I am a Lynn Nottage fan. I also love Second Stage Theater and all they do to spotlight living American Playwrights. Reunited with her Sweat director Kate Whoriskey, this play set in a truck stop sandwich shop offers it’s formerly incarcerated kitchen staff a shot at reclaiming their lives. 
Monday, November 22nd @8pm – Morning Sun (off Broadway)
Come sit with me as we gaze in wonder at Edie Falco, Blair Brown, and Marin Ireland conducting a master class in acting exploring the complicated and often mysterious nuances of that oft discussed relationship between a mother and a daughter.
Thursday, December 2nd @8pm – Diana: The Musical
They pack a lot of history into this show and whole lot of fashion, but my favorite part is Diana herself. The super appealing Jeanna de Waal is an elegant and uncanny personification of the lovely and tortured soul that was Diana Princess of Whales. Let’s respectfully go see her.
Again, click here to join for one or some or all of the shows.
Life is better with theater in it (and dogs). 🙂


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