On the Eve of 2021 (6 weeks later)

This was my New Year’s Eve missive to the theater group. I had no idea that the “hangover” I referenced out of the gates would personally be so dire… and the reason this post is being published 6 weeks later. To read why click here.

Here we are, poised and prepared to say goodbye to the bizzaro and interminable year that was 2020. This past year will come with it’s very own hangover as much of what we are experiencing now will be drifting well into 2021. There is a vague and flickery light on top of a snowball at the end of our collective tunnel. So we move towards it. Together. Happy NEW year group!

One immediate light I was happy to grab recently was FINALLY a book that kept me concentrated and riveted on the written word. So much so that when it was over I immediately got it on Audible to listen again the very next day with the family so I could audibly catch each and every carefully constructed nuance.

Reading, a past time I all but took for granted, was mysteriously removed by covid from my hobby wheelhouse. Not that I didn’t try. I did. But my fruit fly like attention span inevitably would drift off to check my phone or consider a snack or just gaze off wondering how our lives took this inexplicable turn.

Well thank goodness for Fredrik Backman and his book Anxious People. Fredrik is a gentle writer who’s carefully chosen words beckon concentration and merit your full attention. The man can unfold and weave stories of humans together like nobody’s business. I love him and hope to meet him one day. For those not familiar with this author of Beartown and A Man Called Ove among others, you are in for a treat. He writes. I read. Full stop. 

I am also grateful that Covid has indeed taught us the art of the pivot towards the positive. We are in Maine right now. We packed up all of our ski stuff and crammed uncomfortably into the car for our 6 + hour drive. Skis inconsiderately nudging into the children’s back seat real estate. Those same skis will be returning home with us on Sunday, but with very little skiing action to speak of. Mother nature had other plans for our group and many others. So without much thought or regret or complaining we pivoted.

No snow means trails that would otherwise be closed, like the oh so gorgeous Moxie Falls hike for instance, are open. So we hike and then we hike some more. Thanks niece Abigail and daughter Margaux for telling me about the super handy app AllTrails – guaranteeing that one will never be far from their very next hike no matter where one is in the world. Check it out and go outside. Covid can’t take hiking and nature away from us. 

Covid also can’t extract all of our traditions. At an outdoor book club recently our de facto leader Jen asked us to share our most favorite Christmas tradition. Mine was our Christmas Eve dessert: Snowballs. This tradition was started by my Mom who for years would buy these pre-made little snowballs in this little plastic container that she stashed in the freezer. Misshapen, hard as rocks and complete with a plastic piece of holly and a flimsy candle to festive up the confection. This was our GO TO holiday dessert grand finale, complete with a final Christmas wish. I thought they were magical.

I guess my family was in the minority as one year my mom announced they were no longer for sale! The horror. So we made our own and have been doing so ever since. As most things are, the homemade ones are 1000% percent better and a million percent more magical. They are also embarrassingly simple to make.

Snowball Recipe!


Vanilla Ice Cream
Birthday Candles
Sprigs of Holly or other Greenery


With a carton of the vanilla ice cream of your choice and some coconut flakes you too can dazzle your holiday crew. First, shape ice cream into snowballs, roll in coconut flakes, then place onto a plate in your freezer. When ready to serve: pop each snowball onto a fancy plate, add a candle and some sort of greenery.

For greenery, I usually use xmas tree clippings, but the best would be a sprig of holly with a pop of red. Each snowball recipient gets a holiday or – if you do this tonight – a New Year’s wish (SO MANY THINGS TO WISH FOR!). Magical.

And that, group is my final write up of 2020.  Hope each and every one of you has a HAPPY as you can personally muster and HEALTHY 2021. May all of your snowball wishes on a flickery candle come true.




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