Five Reasons to Grab Everyone You Know & GO CONNECT with David Byrne on Broadway at American Utopia NOW

Let’s keep this between us, but it happened again. I fell in love while sitting innocently in a Broadway theater at 5:30pm on a Saturday night. Let me tell you why I am super duper smitten with David Byrne…

His Voice.  My 10-year-old self first heard this hard to characterize but super compelling, velvety, soothing, and melodious voice spill out of my brother’s room. He was playing the Talking Heads debut album non-stop in 1977 (also the name of said album). I did not understand the words, but knew I wanted to hear more of that captivating voice. To have him now sharing the gift of his singular voice in both song and prose with us on the intimate stage of Broadway is a phenomenal experience you do not want to miss.

IMG_6193His Brain. David Byrne is the thinking human’s rock star. He is cerebral. He is professorial. He is super thoughtful and wants you to be too. He opens the show holding and musing over a brain. He begins with the micro exploration of one’s brain’s connectivity and how connections in our brains are lost as we get older. A metaphor for our lives yes? We are so easily able to connect to others when we are little – much like the eternally friendly dog. But as we age we get guarded, we get increasingly opinionated and we get self-conscious. As a result, we lose that ability to easily connect. David Byrne wants to quell this. I agree with you David Byrne. Let’s grab our group and quell this, for everyone’s sake.

His heart. David Byrne could also have easily opened the show holding the human heart. This is a man who wears his very large heart on his super shimmery and silvery sleeve. The show is full of heart and hope. To have this gracious man share his heart with ours is a privilege. And he really wants you and your brain and your heart to vote each and every time you have the opportunity.

His Musical Troupe. Untethered and almost floating, his band is expressive and engaging performance art all on its own. The bonus, they were an absolute pleasure to listen to as well. Let’s think about this. Playing an instrument is not an easy endeavor, am I right? Then to play an instrument that is strapped to your body and dance like no one is watching, but with carefully choreographed sequences must be a seriously challenging call to action. Then to make it look so easy and winsome and bubbling over with joy? Bring it on. Boy does this dancing musical troupe ever bring it on. I was not always sure where to cast my eyes. The musicians? The whimsical, interpretative dancers? David? Which is why I need to go back for more visual and listening feasting.

Your brain. Your heart. And Your Body. This show will remind you to move. To consider how you connect. To help each and every audience member not land on the road to nowhere. David Byrne wants us to be on the road to somewhere (with lots of someones) and I, for one, do not want to let this gift of a man down. Grab everyone you know and GO experience this show. You might fall in love too.

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