Exploring Life’s Horizons at Grand Horizons

When I go to a show to preview it for the group my goal throughout the viewing of the performance is to consider who in the group this particular show would or would not appeal to. I have gotten to know my group pretty well at this point and know who will love or loathe what. Having had the opportunity to see the play Grand Horizons by Bess Wohl recently, I can with confidence say there is something for everyone on that stage at The Hayes Second Stage Theater.

If you are a person. If you are in a family. If you have siblings, a mother, or a father. If you are married. If you are single. If you are a parent or about to become a parent. If you love to laugh while exploring life’s most basic conundrums. If you are any one of these things then Grand Horizons has something that will activate a tripwire of thoughtful and worthy consideration in you.

While many, many topics are gracefully addressed on this stage via it’s super appealing and rather star-studded ensemble, the one my brain keeps going back to is unrequited love. In the most basic sense yes, the show does explore the topic of a former amour that one’s brain and heart and other parts just can’t shake, but more cataclysmic than this is the deep dive into the exploration of unrequited love of one’s self and of one’s life.

It is the play’s wholly satisfying message – it’s never too late claim the life you want – that makes this performance such a particularly satisfying and appealling trip to the theater. Grab everyone you love and go see this play.  To see it with my group at a very special Grab Your Group and GO event click here.



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