Grab Your Group & Keep a SECRET

I had a yoga teacher who liked to kick off her classes with various anecdotes/life lessons. One that stuck with me is her advice on how to make a new friend. Her words of wisdom? Share a secret. Well, I guess I have 1000 new friends, because that is how many were in the audience (my group of 32 included) with me to experience the remarkable, elegant and charming Derren Brown do the most remarkable and inexplicable things live and on a Broadway stage.

I would love to tell you more, but it is a secret. Who am I to spill a secret that I was asked to keep? But I will happily share some of the reasons you might want to see this show…

  • If you want to be impressed by the capacity of someone’s brain to connect with other humans on a very deep, uncanny, and almost disconcerting level.
  • If you have a proclivity for charming and assiduously polite Englishmen (and if you are SUPER lucky you will get to sit next to a person cut from the same cloth as Derren Brown – see photo). 🙂
  • If you like to be entertained by a masterful entertainer.
  • If you revel in shows with high audience participation.
  • If you like to spend most of the next day muddling over all of the conundrums that were achieved both on and off of the stage.
  • If you think it would be helpful to get psychological tips on how to read people and situations.
  • Or if you just want to sit in the audience to see a SECRET revealed before your very eyes and mind with your friends and family by your side, well then we have found your show.

Grab Your Group and GO and prepare to be gobsmacked! But GO soon. The show is closing January 4th to make room for Tracy Letts and his play The Minutes that you can be certain this group will be going to because I love him and his work! Yay.



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