Dear Santa, All I Want For Christmas is…

Dear Santa,  All I want for Christmas this year is for the producers of A Christmas Carol on Broadway to promise me they will bring back this same exact production with the same exact cast with the same exact gratifying snowy and sparkly panache each and every holiday season until forever. I know some families go see the Rockettes every year (mostly to see you) and other families head off to The Nutcracker as their cherished holiday tradition. Well, if you could swing it I would love to have this exact interpretation of A Christmas Carol be our yearly family holiday tradition forever.


Santa… you need to see this show. A more satisfying holiday experience on Broadway or anywhere I could not fathom (maybe the North Pole?). So, so special. Surely you know the story. Curmudgeon gets overnight visits from ghosts…heeds lessons…emerges the next morning a Christmas devotee. A classic tale and one you and all of the elves have certainly read and/or experienced in the form of a movie or some version of the play before. But I would wager my Christmas pudding that nothing you have seen Santa, comes close to the experience that is currently on offer at The Lyceum Theater. I know you are otherwise engaged at the moment, but do what you need to do and absolutely grab Mrs. Clause and go experience this show. It runs until January 5th so perhaps a post-Christmas junket for the Clause entourage?

Santa this theater tip is my Christmas gift to you and anyone who happily happens upon these words. I have the full support of each and every member of my very good group of 60+ who were lucky to be in the audience with us this past Sunday. Folks in the group were all together BEAMING after this show. The post-show hugs that were proferred were sincere and prolonged. The joy was palpable. You would have loved it.


Santa, don’t get me started on the production’s artistic use of the lanterns or the super well done, jubilant, and creative feast scene or my besottedness for Tiny Tim and his tear-jerking performance (please remember to get all of the Tiny Tim’s in the world extra special presents this year). And Campbell Scott as Scrooge embodying the very role his father – George C. Scott – originated in the movie of the same title? A Christmas miracle! Casting females as ghosts? Genius and necessary. There is absolutely so very much to love about this special offering on Broadway. You need to go and decide what you love most about it for yourself. Or join us next year when I gather a group again in December, (but that will only work out if you are able to make my Christmas wish come true).

Please Santa! All I want for Christmas is this. Thank you!






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