If You Build It They Will Come, Part 2: Say Something Bunny!

The purpose of our most recent visit to Hudson Yards was a pre-gathering before our “if you build it they will come” theater immersion experience at Say Something Bunny! a 15-minute walk down the always buzzing with visitors Highline. My friend Phyllis clued me into Say Something Bunny! with an urgency that indicated this was not an optional suggestion (thank you Phyllis). So after some cursory research I assembled a small rogue gang (“the theater” accommodates a MAX of 25) and signed us all up for this off off off off off off Broadway performance.

Like anyone else who has written about this show, I am not going to ruin it for you by going into any amount of detail, but would recommend you grab your group and go too. Every adult, well almost every adult (see below), should experience this meticulously constructed, fascinating, eerie, interactive and circuitous piece of storytelling built quite literally on the thinnest of clues. As an attendee sitting around a very deliberate and rather stark circle, you become part of the “they” that is being explored by becoming an integral part of the story.


This is not done in a gimmicky – who done it – murder mystery kind of way, but in an ” I was Florence” (and I have the pin to prove it) for about 2 hours and 20 minutes kind of way.  Every attendee in the room where it happens will have a role – some larger than others (I was hoping to be cast as Patsy, but Stacie got that honor) – but not one person besides the mastermind creator and nimble and super enchanting performer  – Alison S.M. Kobayashi will speak (and sing). Really quite remarkable.

There is long held eye contact and nodding and glances of realizations and absolutely nowhere to hide (unless you close your eyes I suppose) so if eye contact and being an active vs. a passive participant is not your thing don’t go. I am grabbing my little group and going to Hershey Park today… I am guessing the Say Something Bunny! characters that I learned so much about last night will infiltrate my brain as I drive for three hours and for a good long time in the future.

I enjoyed it so much – I think I will grab another group and GO BACK. Who’s with me?  Say Something Bunny! just extended it’s run through January 2020. When it first opened in May 2017 it was sold out for a solid two years. Grab your Group and GO!


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  1. I’m so thrilled to hear you loved it. I wasn’t sure I should recommend to you and your group. Ron and I will definitely go on your next visit.

    1. Everyone loved it! (I think) Great advice – such a special experience. Keep the suggestions coming and see you at Say Something Bunny! 🙂

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