Kiss Me Kate & Shock Me Ural – Mixing it up with The Old and The New!

As I navigate this path called life I am always looking for clues, patterns and ideas for life satisfaction (beside petting as many dogs as I can on one day). I have many thoughts on this matter, but will focus on one life lesson in this post. I had an epiphany during my exercise class this morning. This bit of wisdom dances around the theme of the popular for a reason childhood chant: “make new friends, but keep the old…” with a twist. Try new experiences and treasure the old. One is silver and the other gold.

The gold in this life situation is the experience of seeing the musical Kiss Me Kate, now playing at Studio 54 with a solid gold cast including the lovely with a side of sass Kelli O’Hara, that I had the pleasure of viewing last week.  The new is Shock Therapy. This futuristic, plugged-in, intense workout that is done while wearing an electromagnetic suit that transmits tiny pulses of electrodes that externally motivate muscle contractions. This I tried for the very first time the morning after seeing Kiss Me Kate. I absolutely loved the old and was absolutely intrigued by the new.

The life lesson came to me while getting tiny electrodes pulsated at various levels into my muscles during my first super-efficient workout at this newish studio on the Upper East Side. During my 20 minute walk to class, my brain was happily musing over the evening before at the Broadway show Kiss Me Kate and how refreshing it was to see a pure, good old fashioned, traditional revival of a classic musical.

This revival of Kiss Me Kate had all the ingredients one can think of when one dwells on what they loved about musicals of yore. There was slapstick humor. There was tap dancing. There were two super lovable (scene-stealing) gangsters.  There was elegance. There was humor. There were complicated dance numbers and beautiful dancers. There were romances and power struggles and crossroad life decisions to make. There was Kelli O’Hara’s voice which should on its own be considered a national, make that a universal, treasure.

It was a pleasure and as my friend, Kristen observed “pure Broadway bliss.” It reminded me of the musicals I used to see and love when I went to shows in NYC with my mom over spring break in my youth. So magical, transporting and just unadulterated fun. On my walk to class, I was feeling grateful for the opportunity to have had the experience and grateful to the team who revived Kiss Me Kate for so closely adhering to the tenants of traditional musical theater. A brave move when everyone is on the hunt for the new, new thing.

Which brings me to the new, new thing. I love new things. New people. New experiences. New ideas. New ways of doing stuff.  Got something new for me to try or somewhere new for me to go? Yes yes yes! Recently I was asked if I wanted to go bike ride around Sicily. I thought, “Is this a trick question? Who wouldn’t want to bike ride around Sicily? Yes, of course, I want to bike around Sicily.”  I once wrote a post about my predilection for saying yes and how gratifying it can be. You can about read that here.

So when I was hunting around for a class that would help me torch my Class Pass points before they expired, Shock Therapy Strength with Ural caught my skimming eye. I had glanced at this a time or two with curiosity and read the reviews. Lots of love for Ural and the class, but a bit of guffawing at the price. I ignored the guffawing and clicked YES!

I am not going to go into great detail about the class or the science behind it (at least not in this post), but I will share what a fun experience it was for this exercise class veteran to try something so new on the exercise spectrum. Per usual there was a sign in sheet – oh happy day – a friend was on the list. After that nothing was, as usual, more like a glimpse into what exercise of the future might be like (if this methodology proves effective).

The class takes place in a dark room, administered by the wide-smiling and clearly passionate about this form of exercise Ural from Turkey. With only 6 others in this Back to the Future chamber, there were more interactions than usually found in other classes and an instant camaraderie was built as we got gently’sh shocked while we sweat and moved together entranced by the avatar projected on the giant screen. As I was doing my traditional exercises in my futuristic exercise suit that delivered custom jolts of electrodes based on my requests, this blog post began to form in my head.

Just 13 hours before I was sitting in the audience enjoying a beloved hobby of mine that developed when I was 12 – a hobby that I don’t plan to abandon ever. This is the old. And now here I was neck high in the new – way out of my comfort zone – energized, amused, shocked, sweating and having a ball. I need more 13 hours like this! This is awesome. When was the last time you did something you traditionally love, love, love then followed it up with something new and different and eye-opening in 13 hour time period? I highly recommend it and plan to be deliberate about making this happen more often!

So excited was I about this epiphany of the importance of the yin/yang, of the old with the new, that I shared it with the kind woman in charge of “Customer Relations” for Shock Therapy: Amanda. To which she replied “Kelli O’Hara is a dear friend of mine and a mentor. I’ve worked with her for years.” Gobsmacked! NYC is a large city. But to be at this particular studio with this specific person on the very next day when I had this very specific epiphany! What a coincidence! And another life lesson – when possible – blurt out your life epiphanies!

In answer to my question “Is Kelli as lovely as she seems?” Amanda replied with a Kelliesque smile: “Even Lovelier!” Be still my heart. I love NYC!

Sidenote: To learn more about Shock Therapy click here. Does it work? I don’t know. Am I intrigued? Yes (my muscles are talking back even days later) and I am going back on Tuesday to try out the Metabolism class. The five other women in the room were happy, repeat customers. My friend said it was her “new favorite thing.” One woman shared that it seems to have fixed her and a friend’s lower back problems and another said she felt stronger after just three classes.

The very kind and enthusiastic people at Shock Therapy are making some pretty serious, audacious even, claims about its efficacy. I bought an 8 pack so I will let you know what transpires with me on the reg shock schedule. If you decide to check it out cc me at my email: when you contact the studio and mention that Grab Your Group and GO sent you. Maybe we can go get shocked together? Grab your group and get shocked. Catchy!?? (with a side of scary).


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  1. Corbin was completely endearing. whole cast was. I am particularly sweet on the Gangsters.
    Have you seen Tootsie??

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