Grab Your Group & Get Scared at Network on Broadway

If you want to see some scary good acting with your own eyes – up close and personal thanks to some expert and clever camera work – I would recommend going to see Bryan Cranston in Network. Seriously just look at his face in this picture – my goodness – all of the things his face is communicating in a still shot on the cover of the playbill. Insane with a side of disgruntled – and I mean that literally.


If you want a reminder to be scared of the devices that you are tethered to in life, I would recommend seeing Network. If you want to be amazed by the prescient and foreboding and eerily foreshadowing content from the 1970’s, I would recommend seeing Network.

If you are really into the experiential, I would recommend buying tickets to sit on the stage and enjoy your dinner and attendant cocktails while being part of the manic action on stage. If you are really lucky you will get to see someone famous like Jeff Daniels trying to avoid Mr. Cranston as he engages with the audience. (Then you will allocate some time thinking about what brave soul is taking on the role of Atticus just down the block!)

The show was LOVED by many in the group, but not loved universally. Some thought it preachy. Some thought it too long. Some thought it grating.  But everyone was thinking and that’s a good thing right?

Grab Your Group and GO sit, squirm and see and then think about Network.  I will leave you with this poem by my friend Joni Grossman (title by me) which is the first thing I thought of when I woke up thinking about this show…


The Whole Town was Looking Down
by Joni Grossman
Something was wrong in this little town.
I couldn’t see a smile, a smirk or a frown.
I asked for directions to the sandwich shop.
A young man mumbled, “Oh it’s at the next stop.”
If I saw him again I wouldn’t recognize the guy.
He was looking down and I didn’t catch his eye.
In fact, everywhere I went they were looking at a screen.
Didn’t notice the Spring flowers or the grass turning green.
No-one was laughing and no-one was talking.
They were just like zombies on the sidewalk walking.
I wanted to stand in the middle of the square,
And shout “Hey folks there’s a beautiful world out there!”
“Put down your phone and look at each other.
Talk to your Mother, your Sister, your Brother!”
I promise if you just put down that device. 
You will notice this world and this world is nice.


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