Grab a GIANT Group & GO EXPERIENCE Superhero, Off-Broadway? NOW

The idea for this theater group, Grab Your Group and Go, that I spend hours on end managing was born while sitting in the audience at the musical Once some 5 years ago. I sat there in awe of the raw singing and emotion on display and thought to myself – OMG, EVERYONE needs to see this show!

Since then, as a group, we have seen many a production. My enthusiasm for the plays and musicals that I loved is on full display here on the blog. BUT it has been a while since I thought – OMG, EVERYONE needs to see this show.

While in the audience at Superhero, there it was again, I thought – OMG, EVERYONE needs to see this show! Thank you to Tom Kitt and all of the superheroes involved in it’s creation. Much like Once, the heartfelt story and passionate performances cracked open parts of my heart I didn’t even know I had and provided many well-placed punches in the gut that I didn’t know I needed. We go to the theater to explore emotions and difficult, heart-wrenching topics. Superhero gives us so, so much to explore…

On Loneliness: At the heart of this show are multiple portrayals of loneliness. Loneliness in your own home even though someone lives there with you. The loneliness of grappling with a huge life challenge that was handed to you by an ill-placed twist of fate. The loneliness of doing a job and making choices and never being recognized for it. Bryce Pinkham could lead a master class on the art of portraying the socially awkward. It was painful to watch him as he navigated those first few moments with his new neighbors. Painful.

On Parenting: Oh parenting, this full-time, never ending job of child rearing. In our group, there were many family combinations and I am certain that many parenting cords were struck amongst us the parents who delve bravely, like superheroes, into this job each day. Second guessing every crossroad parenting decision is commonplace and feeling like failures is a regularity. We have absolutely no choice but to carry on because thank goodness those kids are still there the very next morning and we get the opportunity to try again.

I know I leaned into my son SEVERAL times during the show. One of the many lessons being the art of knowing when to lean in and perhaps, more importantly, to lean out and let time and circumstances teach and heal as our children evolve into the good people we know they will be.


On Appreciating the Mundane: The song Laundry for 2, so beautifully sung by Kate Baldwin as she literally folded laundry, powerfully and profoundly reminds you to be grateful for the mundane. Because you know what – a lot of life is mundane – but we still need to appreciate it. It is OUR mundane and thank goodness we have people in our lives that we have the opportunity to do things for, because well what is a life without that?

I tried valiantly just now to appreciate the mundaneness of schlepping my too heavy basket in the excessive line at Fairway so my family would have dinner on their plates tonight. Can’t say I was successful, but I did try. It’s a start.

On Time: The show asks if you had one day to left to live how would you spend it? I think everyone should spend some time thinking about their answers to this question. Then consider the ramifications of your answer. Are you spending your time in the best way possible for you?

On Life: “Life is sad. Life is beautiful. Can you really have one without the other?”

Go because this lovely and intimate little theater off Broadway is the perfect place to explore all of these powerful and potent themes. Also know this is the same stage where Tom Kitt’s Tony-winning Next to Normal was first launched. Go because the talent of the team on stage and off stage is SUPERHERO in magnitude. I just spent a bit of time with the playbill and my mind was blown by the talent that was assembled to create and execute this show. Go because Kyle McArthur is going to soar and you can say you saw him way back when as Simon in his professional debut. Go because to see this show in this small space is a privilege.

These are just some of the reasons to go and experience this show. In our group of 120 about half were between the ages of 8 and 14. I am certain that from their perspective there were a whole host of difficult topics covered that were lost on me as the adult. That is part of what makes the show so special. It cuts close no matter where you are in the generation and life spectrum. Which is another reason why you should go, and take your family.

The show opens officially on Thursday. Grab Your Group – make it a BIG one – and GO see this show. And the second the soundtrack becomes available…  You’re going to want to grab that too.



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