The Perils of being a PA President on Stage at The Prom :)

PA/PTA President’s seem to be a curious and unappealing breed, at least in the mindset of the entertainment world. In movies, tv shows, and books, PA Presidents are pushy, uptight, humorless, sugar averse, have unusually narrow worldviews, and are generally off-putting individuals. Such is the case on stage in the newly launched and (opposite of a PA President) wonderfully appealing Broadway show: The Prom.

The controversy in question is the real-life incident of a 17-year-old girl who wants to bring her girlfriend to the prom. This is our protagonist. The primary antagonists: the aforementioned PTA President and her minions in the form of judgemental, but easily turned, teenagers who are aghast at the thought of this particular prom coupling. Together they do everything in their midwestern power to deter its occurrence. In support of our protagonist: a band of has been Broadway performers who hope their mission to rectify our protagonist’s plight will, in turn, resurrect their crumbling careers.

PQUewc9lTwS6CEnl0lg2g.jpgIndiana vs. Broadway. The young forging an alliance with the less young. Gay vs. straight. Every day Joes vs. narcissistic theater types. The swirling of these oppositional and stereotypical forces do make for an entertaining time at the theater all while celebrating the art that makes us return again and again to that next show. As The New York Times reviewer commented: “Makes you believe in musical comedy again.”

I laughed a lot. GYGG editor Stacie cried *a bunch* of times. My daughter elbowed her PA President mom when the PTA President on stage was behaving particularly badly. I delved into some self-introspection about the accuracy of this stereotype. Nope. Not accurate.

What is so lovely about this show is it bridges the gap between the teens and their parents offering ample things to love for both parties. Definitely Grab Your Group and GO laugh and cry and maybe dance a little at The Prom.


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