Considering an Opera? You might want to Grab Your Group & GO to Marnie – at the Met NOW!

On January 1st I launched 2018 with a post sharing my year of yes philosophy and why you should consider conducting your own year of yes. It was a mildly big hit.  Here it is again if you missed it.  I am sharing this again now because yesterday it occurred to me that I am still embracing a say YES philosophy when asked to do something.  If I am free, I will always try to say YES.  So if fear of rejection is a thing with you – I am a safe bet.

IMG_5637.jpgIt is thanks to this way of thinking that I found myself in a ruby red seat at 10:30am on a Tuesday to view one of the final Dress Rehearsals for Marnie at The Metropolitan Opera. So exciting! Thank you Sharon Wee for the very special invite!  This Ohio girl was THRILLED to be there. I did no research.  I just gussied up a bit and joined Sharon in her box seats.

Must say it was a pretty riveting production.  If you are thinking about dipping a toe into the opera waters, this might just be the show for you.  It is in English, though subtitles can still be displayed as some of the plot might get lost in the opera singing sauce.  I used them a fair bit to keep pace with the flurry of the plot.  Multimedia is also employed to dramatic effect and the show was absolutely on the other end of the boring spectrum.  So. Not. Boring.

I couldn’t wait for the second act to begin as the first culminates in quite the cliffhanger. The show includes all kinds of juicy drama.  There is sexual harassment.  There are a whole host of dysfunctional family dynamics and struggles over power.  Marnie, the lead character, is the minx of all minxes that may or may not get tamed at the end.  Her journey is fascinating.  I was a particular fan of the primary colored troupe of “Marnies.”  The surrounding alter egos are simpatico with her on her tortured path in their smart coats and impeccably coiffed blond hair-dos.  Also found the gangster gang amusing as they stealthily moved about the stage and maneuvered subtle set changes.


If you are a fan of the movie by the same name, have read the book, or have been on the hunt for an accessible opera, I would definitely encourage a visit to The Met tout de suite (as in ASAP).  The production has a very retro film-like feel to it.  It made me think of Psycho and The Birds. Tippi Hedren herself (the star of the movie by the same name) will be in the audience on Friday with her date Agent 99, Barbara Feldon of Get Smart.  This Friday is opening night!  Put your primary colors on and go.

I won’t say I was humming any of the tunes that these opera greats were hurling in my direction (a la My Fair Lady – I was humming songs from that one for days), but I am certainly grateful and happy to have been there.  You have five nights to catch it on your own… If any of this sounds good to you – I recommend You Grab Your Group and GO!  Go to the Opera!

Marnie will be performed FIVE times on the following FIVE nights!  Visit the MET Opera House website for more information.  Let me know if you get gussied up and go!

Friday, Oct 19 at 8 PM  (OPENING NIGHT – Tippi will be there!)

Monday, Oct 22 at 7:30 PM

Saturday,  Oct 27 at 8 PM

Wednesday, Oct 31 at 7:30 PM

Saturday, Nov 3 at 8 PM


I took this photo because I liked the juxtaposition of high art (the opera) next to not high art (The Big Apple Circus).  Just to the right is where My Fair Lady is taking place.   Amazing!  Just a quick FYI, but Laura Benanti takes over the role of Eliza on October 23rd.  I might have to see My Fair Lady again with her in it.  I love her.  Don’t you?


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    1. ooh that would be a good one to see. So fun right? And I saw your photo! You looked gorgeous! That part – the getting gussies up part – is fun too. :

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