Introducing the New Theater Group Info on our Site

I am often asked to add friends to my email “list.” Then I ask the follow up question: do you mean the blog or the theater newsletter? This question gets a bit of head tilt and then the inevitable follow up question. What’s the difference? Here is my answer…

The Grab Your Group & GO Website is an umbrella for sharing any and all thoughts related to Grabbing & Going in the form of a blog. I discuss books to grab and read, travel to grab your group & go, dog love (just cause), recipes to grab & make, NYC experiences, my theater reviews and other random informational or inspirational topics. All of this is published on the website:

If you subscribe to GYGG (for short) you get emails directly to your in-box when I add a blog post to the site. We are 5 away from 600 subscribers – if you’re not one add your email in the box to the right or the bottom of your screen (depending on the type of device you are using to read this)!

The Grab Your Group & GO Newsletter is specific to our group outings (for now). I send newsletters via email to this group once or twice a week in which I describe the plays/musicals that we are going to see on or off Broadway and offer mechanics to purchase tickets for these shows. This stemmed from an email group that was started almost 4 years ago called “The First Tuesday of the Month Theater Group“. The primary goal at the time was to get us to take advantage of the wealth of live theater that is just a long walk or short subway ride away. It has evolved into so much more.

The Newsletter has gotten people together and to the theater and this has been a good thing. The group has grown from 50 people to over 300. We recently spiffed up the design from what had been a basic email format. We are a “more the merrier” kind of group and ALL ARE WELCOME! If you would like to receive emails about our upcoming shows as they are announced (and other theater tips and thoughts), click here to get on “the list.”

Starting TODAY – these two worlds intersect with our BRAND NEW GYGG – TICKETS page right here on the website.  We now have a one stop shopping/informational portal consolidated in one handy location.  Here you can sign up for shows, review dates/times/pricing and stay “in the know” about all things related to GYGG! Check it out!

NONE of this would be possible with my Editor in Chief, Stacie Julian. She is a WIZARD of the highest order in making all of the back end wiring i.e. mechanics that enable this blog and the newsletter to exist. Bravo Stacie and thank you. Here is Stacie.



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  1. Thanks Walter. Sometimes I think you are my only reader which is fine by me. Love your Venn diagram analogy – I will add you to the newsletter – just to be safe. Keep writing Walter – I enjoy your posts too. Linda

  2. I very much enjoy your blog and hope by subscribing to the general blog I ALSO get all the theater news. Hoping my Venn diagram of theater + food + Ohio origins still works with one subscription. Heck, I’m even happy to see canine adventures thrown in as well! Keep up the good work and keep the theater topics flowing! (or do I need to add a subscription? As you can see I am easy to confuse!)

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